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General Help Q&A / 5DII - Focus Peak Not Working
« on: December 12, 2014, 07:52:36 AM »
Hi, and thanks for any help in advance.

I have had AJ 5.0 on my 5D Mark II for several years. It was fantastic for many reasons, primarily for the expanded audio capability, lower bit-rate for longer shoots that could handle the drop in quality, and for focus peak which made it possible for me to shoot without an external monitor. OK, I should also mention the intervalometer and that I really look forward to using the expanded bracketing on the new version for HDR. Way cool. Anyway...

Yesterday I fired up the camera to prep for a shoot and could not get focus peaking to work! I went through all the menus and found nothing wrong (yeah, that I knew of and we know how that can go). So, thinking that I might have a corrupt file somewhere on a card, I tried another card. Same issue. Firmware? Heck, re-install everything, right.

I grabbed the latest nightly build - which now shows up on the Canon as 2.1.2-ml-Nightly.2. - formatted a CF card in the camera, reset all the camera settings, loaded the three ML files (one being a folder) onto the card that also had the DCIM and Misc folders from the formatting, and popped it into the camera. Updated firmware, restarted, and there was a very pretty newer version of ML.

But I still have no Focus Peaking.

Global Draw - all modes
Zebras - RGB, over 95%
Focus Peak - On, 1.0, R 

What am I missing?

One other minor issue - no help files.

With thanks,


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