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Camera Emergency Department / [HARDWARE PROBLEM] 600d won't end a bulb exp.
« on: September 20, 2012, 10:53:54 AM »
I had a previous problem where I had no menus, this was fixed via a work around hack autoexec file (thanks Alex). I got one session of Bulb exposures before it has now failed. Upon shutter being triggered the count up screen appears but when the trigger or cable is releaseed the shutter continues to  (presumably) stay open and the count continues. No buttons will stop it. I must turn the camera off but then the LED stays on forcing me to remove the battery. This happens regardless on the bulb method used ie ML or Canon.
Since I installed ML to do Bulb this is frustrating.

I have ML 2.3 on 600d. Its been working fine. Tried to do some T/lapse but it kept doing interval at half press even though I had interval off and the bulb time was...well more than 3min (I didnt set that either.) At this point I still had menus, I eventually pulled the battery. Now the only thing I get on the lcd is in video mode. No menus (ML or Canon). If I use a usb field monitor I can see the exposure/non LV mode screen but cannot alter anything other than shutter speed, no Ap, Q iso etc.
Since I have No menus at all I cannot format the card in-camera. I have copied & pasted the ML from the mac to the cards but no diff (this is happening regardless of which 16GB C10 card I use). AF doesn't work either
Desperate help required.
Thank you

General Help Q&A / LV washed out - all white
« on: July 29, 2012, 08:40:21 AM »
Last night I tried timelapse with Silent pic but walked away not realising it would take shots using the +7 EV gain I had it set to - pink  (doh obvious!) needless to say that was a waste. Today I went to take some pics and even after reverting the display gain to 0 and turning all the bits I can think of to defaults the screen is washed out like its on ISO billion! When I take a shot and playback it plays fine but in LV mode no good. Raw temp is 181???
What have I got set incorrectly??? I really dont like running the screen like this for long.

Stupid! but rather than delete so that others may learn.  I had movie > FPS set to 1 instead of 50etc

I will be using a basic shoot move shoot controller but wondering how I sync it with Bulb ramping.
I have been thinking that if the stop delay period pulse could be replaced/triggered by a simple signal from the camera.  This would just leave the move timer acting. What I was thinking is whilst ever the camera is outputting an LCD video signal (ie between shots, the motor can move (within its time set point and stop). As soon as the screen/mirror locks up the motor stops if it has not already. Resets and then video comes on and the motor starts.
This video out signal idea came as a result of trying an external monitor today. Hope someone smart can run with this... or enlighten me of how to do it another way (preferably cheaply :)

No doubt it is something I am doing. I get the Bramp going and after say 16-30 shots it takes 3 calibration shoots and starts a new ramp. (shame I can not post a screen grab -attachment)
So Q1: what am I doing wrong?
Q2: can I gradually change the exposure in Lightroom or FCP eg keyframing?(newby)

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