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Share Your Videos / SANTORINI
« on: June 20, 2015, 11:49:01 AM »
My first fully-raw project:

5D Mark III with ML 1.2.3
16-35 f4 L, 70-300 f4, Nifty Fifty (f1.4)
Benro tripod + a heck of a slider
Zoom H1 for ambient sound recording
Komputer Bay cards (64 GB). Yes, they work, and extremely well.

MLV recording (1920x1080p @ 25fps, occasionally 60fps at lower res for slomo). Came back with 450 GB+ of data and not a single glitch.
Focus racking
Intervalometer + Auto ETTR + FRSP for "holy grail" timelapsing. Worked a lot better than I thought. A fair amount of work in post, but doable.
3x Crop (used and abused)

Other than raw recording, the 3x Crop. All of a sudden, my 16-35 becomes a 100mm portrait lens. Magic!

The Intervalometer + Auto ETTR + FRSP combo was also a pleasant surprise. I practised a fair bit before going on location but I didn't expect it to go so well, when there's plenty of scope for things to go south. Get your camera settings right, slap the right ND filter in front of the lens and you're good to go.

Mlrawviewer for MLV to DNG conversion
After Effects for primary colour grading via LUTs and Colorista. Sequences exported as intermediary 10 bit 4:2:2
Premiere for editing and secondary colour grading via FC2.

Magic Lantern duly featured in the credits. Without you, I would still be grappling with the ‘mushy’ look and terrible DR of Canon’s default codec, and actuating my shutter like mad. You guys rock!

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