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The first thing i would like to say is that this doesn't need to be done soon, and i know that it wont be done soon because it means you will need to find an obscure file ( if it even exists ) to even do it at all. But! i think this may be the best way forward for the older, and less expensive cameras because we all know that the three cameras i mentioned have way to low of read/write speeds on SD cards to make any future advancements really worthwhile. Thats why i propose an optional overclock for the ARM processor and DIGIC processor ( along with SD controller if really necessary ). If the DIGIC processor is overclocked we can focus faster, and hopefully have faster burst rates. If the ARM processor is overclocked then the read/write speed can be increased to make for faster burst rates and higher resolution raw video. Overclocking does have some adverse affects that must be adressed, the extra heat produced would normally break these cameras. The way i would fix this is by disassembling the camera and adding a heat sink to the arm and digic processors ( these cameras arent weatherproof anyways so who cares :P )

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