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Whilst using my Canon 60D (Firmware 1.1.1, ML 2.3) I noticed it had apparently frozen up. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly what I then did, but it was probably a good 30 seconds or more before I removed the battery and card. I've not been able to start it up again since. I was taking a 15 second exposure at the time, so didn't notice it had frozen immediately. I'm worried I may have fried it?

I'm seeing nothing at all on the rear screen, LCD display or in the viewfinder, no beeps or clicks, no smells.

The only sign of life I can get is with one of the cards I have Magic Lantern installed on - I get either a single flash when I insert the card or occasionally a double flash - it does this every time but only with that card. No other card does anything at any time. I originally copied Magic Lantern onto two identical 16GB cards. The other card (same version of ML, same card manufacturer) does nothing.

I've copied the contents of both onto my computer the only data difference I can see is that the card which causes a flash when inserted has the SETTINGS folder on it, and some photos. I've even tried copying the contents of the card that does cause a flash onto another card - but the second card won't cause a flash. Very weird.

I've tried the following:

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