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Raw Video / 5d ii raw , noisy footage even in low iso
October 22, 2021, 10:27:47 AM
Hello everyone.
I still love ml raw but i am having issues when i edit it.
My work flow is:
Mlv app export to dng davinci , just a small color correction in davinci and export to h264 or apple dnxhr 444 12bit (my sharpen is 0)
i ve tried other codecs too but results are same
i get noisy footage even in low iso (160 - 320) , its kinda look weird. i am not sure if its noise or some kinda of sharpen effect.   
I would very very appreciate for any help.
You can see it more clearly at the background tree

In the original file is more noticable
its like aliasing problem
Good day !
I have installed ml raw nightly built 2018 july 3 on my 5d mark ii and i want to change the built to
how do i do it ?
General Help Q&A / 5d mark ii , raw crop mode problem
January 08, 2019, 06:28:39 PM
Have a great year everyone !

I have install the latest nightly built (2018-07-02 22:17) on my 5d mark ii but i am getting a weird problem
In crop mode when my f stop is below 20 it looks in live view overexposed to the point i cannot even see the shot despite that the exposure meter in camera shows it is balanced. So when i shoot in crop mode i am forced to shoot in F20 or F22 to be able to see the shot.

I am not sure if i explained the problem correctly , hope you understand what i meant.
Thanx for any response and suggestions.
General Help Q&A / 5d mk ii raw Problem in crop mode
November 30, 2018, 08:44:31 AM
Good morning all !

I am using ml raw for almost 2 years now.
Despite the huge data i am getting i cant stop using it even for my smallest projects , i can admit that i am a ml raw addict !

The problem that i have is that when i shoot in a crop mode in my screen it seems overexposed , its all blown out. That happens when my fstop is bellow 22 or the highest lens fstop. So cannon see what i am shooting.

Nightly built 2018 july 03 5d2212
settings: Global draw off  , fps 23,976 , raw video (mlv) 1824 x1026 , mlv play , mlv rec ,

Thank you for any suggestions

Raw Video / 5d mark ii Crop Mode
September 26, 2018, 11:08:02 PM
Hi all !
I am using ml raw for some time now and i cant really get back to h264 even for my smalest projects.

Well i lately started using crop mode and my main problem is that when i shot without GD i cant see the proper framing and when i have GD on i cant see the proper movement of the video, It looks delayed.

Its very important for me to solve this problem

Thank you in advanced for every suggestions.
Hi guys
I ve already made a lot of tests to be able to use mlraw but i am really stuck here in some very important details about post production workflow.

With davinci resolve i got the fastest way to edit my footage from dngs but the problem is that its not the same quality of clarity and color as working dngs with lightroom and export as a seq jpg.

The next problem is that the jpg sequence from lightroom appears some weird effects , cant describe them well , i can see them on the water movement.

Any suggestion about these problems i ll be very grateful.

Raw Video / 5d mkii Crop recording
February 15, 2017, 10:06:43 AM
Hello all , i ve got this problem when rec with crop factor
First of all , camera settings:

Magic Lantern version: 2.3 , 14 Feb 2014
bitrate: up to 1.8x
Fps override: 24.034
global draw: live view
Raw rec:on
raw video: 2048x872
Aspect ratio: 2:35:1
Card warm up: 32mb
preview auto

files are usually ok , the problem is when i record the preview doesnt seem right
and this is what actually happens:

any ideas ?
Raw Video / Image sequence in premiere is 25% faster
February 13, 2017, 06:20:11 PM
Hello all
I am experiencing a weird problem
I extract raw file into cineform video compression and its all ok
but when i extract it in dngs then jpeg s through t lightroom and import the image sequence in premiere it is 25% faster
i checked all the jpegs and the were correct

For example:
lets say a 467 frames 24/fps is about 19 seconds
and when i load the image sequence in premiere total time of this video is 15 secs and the video looks faster
I shot the video in 24/fps and the premiere sequence is also the same

Any suggestions ?
Hello , i started some raw video tests with the canon 5d mark ii (tamron 24 - 70mm 2.8 vc)
I use a sandisk 60mb/s 2:39 aspect ratio 1600x.... frame size or 1728x.... sometimes
I have disabled frame skipping
fps overide 23,796
When i have a stable shot perhaps a landscape its alight usually
But when i am moving the camera it seems to skip some frames
even when i have a stable shot and i have a person moving in it.

example here