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In my last trip to Utah I shot about 300 raw video clips with my 5D and when I got back home, I found there's no easy way to batch process so many MLV files.

So I spent a few hours to build this tool and I named it "RawFlow". The purpose is to free us from manually running the basic processing workflow for a large amount of MLV files.
And I'm making it open source so that people can contribute and make it more powerful.

To download, please visit:

The usage is pretty simple - just drag and drop your MLV files onto RawFlow.exe and it will just start working. A sub directory will be created for each MLV file in the same parent folder (this can be configured), DNG and WAV files will be extracted and put into the sub directory, and a small proxy video file would be generated there also.

Running the tool requires Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5. Download from Microsoft:

To contribute or get access to the source code, please visit:

Hope this is helpful.

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