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Hardware and Accessories / broken 600D, fun things to do?
« on: January 20, 2015, 05:36:45 PM »
I got a broken 600D, the mainboard is not working correctly, or at least that's what the repair center said. The camera won't go on or off.

Are there any fun things I can do with it? I was thinking about using the mainboard of a 650 or 700D for the faster write speed and 720p raw. Would this be possible?

Any other cool ideas would be welcome. 

General Chat / The magic lantern camera
« on: January 15, 2015, 11:32:26 PM »
Hello Folks,

I've been following the magic lantern forum for a long time now, and one thing got my attention. (almost)Everytime someone asks for a feauture that's not possible, its due to the hardware of the camera's. Think of fast silent picture, or recording video at higher pixel rates with raw. Espessialy the last one is a big issue for most of the canon DSLR, and lets face it, Magic Lantern is more used by cinamatographers than photographers.

So my idea to fix the hardware issues is to make a own camera. I know this sounds a little to much to be taken serious, but pleas read on.

Making a camera requires 2 things, making the hardware for it, and the software.

We got a lot of good programmers on Magic Lantern, and if they could make a kickstarter of it, and have little marges on the camera, they can even hire people to program the software. So the software would be not a huge problem. The reverse-engineering of canon software probably takes more time than engineering itself.

The hardware would be a little harder I think. But there must be a way to contact manufacters for making camera's. I know that sony sells their sensors. We could also save a lot of money by removing some hardware, like the metal inside of the higher end DSLRs (this is awesome for proffesionals in extreme conditions, but not many of them are using Magic lantern.) I think that it's easily possible to make a camera for the half of the price canon does, if profit is not a priority, and maybe even less. We also need lenses, an easy solution is to make a mount that connects well with adapters. And just make an EF to that mount adapter. This way we can avoid conflicts with Canon. We could also use a really fast SD slot instead of CF. SD cards are way cheaper than CF and can get to 280mbps nowadays, and with our own hardware we could compress ourself and get 10bit 4k on this machine!. But the developers probably have better ideas about the body and software than I have.

Why would we want to do this work? Well first of all we could remove a lot of limitations, and really get the most out of a camera for little costs, what ML is actually based on. Second, we could force canon/sony/nikon/panasonic to even drop their prices more. And last, maybe we could have a dream camera for a dream price.

Let me know what you guys think, and hopefully the developers are able to kickstart this soon!

Duplicate Questions / Live view
« on: September 16, 2014, 08:35:24 PM »
Hello all,

Is it possible to let the live view frame match with the raw video? So that live view is showing black bars when filming in other aspect ratio's than 16:9.

It makes composition really hard and i can't find anything about this on the forum.

I'm using a 600D with the latest nightly build.


General Help Q&A / quick-modus and little other problems with 600D
« on: September 14, 2014, 02:32:43 PM »
Hello all,

I got a question about the focusing modus used by canon. I installed the nightly version of magic lantern. Everytime I try to record in raw and use the quick autofocus the live view goes back to the version of canon itself. So whenever I try to shoot 21:9 and use autofocus, I can't properly see the frame without starting magic lanterns live view. How do you guys handle this?

2 other problems I found is not seeing dual-iso option( but I can turn on the module) . The other one is not being able to benchmark my card. It goes off everytime, and I turned the screen on Always-on mode. Any help?

Thanks for all the work developers!

Hello Guys,

I try to be short on this one.

Like many of you know the low-end camera's ( like 550D, 600D ) are not able to record 1080p raw due to the speed limit of the SD controller. But I was thinking of some way to get around this. I saw that it's possible to store data directly on the pc by usb cable( maybe android too?). This also isn't fast enough due to the usb 2.0 limitation. But could there be a way to use the SD card and the usb output simustainly? You could think of it like saving frame 1 of the SD and frame 2 on the USB.

 It would be really cool if we could capture raw image on 1080p on these relatively cheap camera's, so give your thoughts about this subject and maybe we can make this happen.

And btw, thanks for all the hard work developers!


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