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Hello, I need a SD card for Canon 700d RAW video, I have a Sandisk ultra

But this SD cant write 40 Mb/s, is the limit of 700D. In Amazon I saw this card

But in the forum I saw that this SD write beetwen 35-38 Mb/s. Can you help me?
Hello, first of all my English is bad. I have a canon 600d and I will make a short with magic lantern. I know that exist a technique for record cinema style. This technique i don't know if this technique it makes with a preset or one tool of magic lantern. At the moment i don't want record in raw, ┬┐technicolor needs raw? I want record in h.264 and after magic bullet looks. The best option for cinema style is a preset or adjust setting of the camera (saturation, contrast...)


Thanks in advance
Duplicate Questions / Open RAW files in my windows
September 27, 2014, 10:23:53 PM
Hello, yesterday recorded for first time in my canon 600d, but I dont have a raw2dng.exe to convert raw videos, I searched in google but can not find
Hello, i installed magic lantern 2.3 in my canon 600D and not appears audio mode (microphone icon) neither mode RAW video. I found that raw video is in beta but in youtube and the forums all people using raw and i dont know how install, i feel sad =/. Other, the temperature is 175 raw, the canon gets hot, 161 raw in the menu, is very hot?. I spanish, forgive my english. My canon have two months only