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Sorry in advance if this better belongs in a different thread, but it is somewhat related to ML on the 70D.
Long story short: My 4 year old 70D has had ML enabled and running successfully on it for the last few years.
I decided to sell it (as I have a 7DMk2 now) so I uninstalled ML (using the menu option) in order to sell my camera in original 'as built' condition for the future owner. (Probably unnecessary, but anyway, I did).
The sale process had an unplanned pause of 5 months inserted in it, during which time the 70D was left unused in my camera bag without a battery installed.
When I came to start the sale process again last week, I put a fully charged battery back in and tried to turn the camera on, but absolutely nothing happened!
I still can't turn the camera on no matter what I do. Other batteries don't work, leaving SD cards out makes no difference, using ML bootable card also does nothing, different lens attachments do nix either. There is no sign of LED/LCD life at all, the battery door switch has been tested and works correctly. The only sign of life is that the battery does actually go down if I leave it in the camera for a while, so something may be happening internally, just nothing under control of the user!

The internal on-board rechargeable battery also seems to be ok. Don't know that it actually went flat,  but I understand it is recharged off the main battery? So if it did get low, it would not have been able to recharge before I tried to re-use the camera. It is currently reading 2.88v. It has since been briefly removed and reinstalled in an attempt to 'reset' things (but I don't know if it has really done that though).

My 70D ML-related question is this:-

Is there any chance that the fact that I uninstalled ML and then left the camera basically without any power for some time,  that certain critical battery-backed memory may have lost/corrupted it's contents? Could this have put critical boot flags in the camera in an incorrect state such that the boot loader sequence is no longer being run?

Just wanting to eliminate this as a possibility before I finally resign myself to the fact that my 70D may have became the latest addition to the queue of other 70Ds that have been reported as failing inexplicably to the extent that the only recourse is to replace the motherboard. (eg see

Although I guess unless there is a tool out there that would allow me to  get control of the boot-process again so that corrupted flags/memory locations could be re-instated, I guess I'm probably up for a mother board replacement whatever the cause is (i.e failed hardware or corrupted volatile memory/firmware) ??

FWIW, while I was inside the camera body checking the backup battery, I did notice an unused connector which may be a JTAG port?

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