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Share Your Videos / Is this it?
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:17:31 AM »
For almost 3 years now I have been part of the Magic Lantern community and I have loved every min of it. I think what has been accomplished is amazing. I am tremendously thankful for everyone who has put some much time and hard work into making what Magic Lantern is today. Giving so many people the ability to be creative and bring their stories and imaginations to life. That being said something is missing with the ML users(community) Which brings me to he point why I titled this subject "Is this it?".

In these 3 years for the majority of the part(not all just majority) from what I have seen from ML users, of course me included, have been mostly travel videos and random test videos which don't get me wrong are fantastic but, well i.g. just type in MAGIC LANTERN in YouTube or Vimeo or just in the google videos section, what you will find is that there isn't a lot of people pushing Magic Lantern to what its capable of in actual entertainment. Although some of these videos are very beautiful, inspirational, and creative.. watching someone test magic lantern software gets kind of old, and kind of boring when it's done too much :-[.

So although there are or might be some, but when are we going to start seeing some true "film like" movies, high quality "movie like" Entertainment that you would normally see in your local theater(no over exaggerations) Shot all on ML. Because the truth is that YOU CAN! get very amazing looking videos out of ML, with 5D MIII DCI 2.5k DCI and DCI 2K MIII & MII which is theatre standards. All of these test videos and other ML materials have proven that to be true.

Even here on ML site, When you click the "share your videos" in the ML forum section, again, most of what you'll see are travel videos and test videos and a few other type of content like documentaries. But again not saying they aren't important or that they are useless, not at all just would love to see some high quality content that have been pushed to the limits of ML. Hollywood used the Canon 5D for Captain America , Iron Man, Black Swan, shows like 24 and House and many many more like 2015 Mad Max which I'm pretty sure MagicLanter was installed on. Now obviously 5D isn't their "primary" camera I'm sure but think about it the camera you hold have been used in some huge features and we got MagicLanter on our side with unlocked capabilities.

So I was thinking about this.. :D
Why not start a project of some kind, it will be "The Magic Lantern Project".

Basically people from all over the world join together with other Magic Lantern users, IN THEIR CITY. Each city or location in partnership with other ML users, to write and shoot at least a 15min to 1hr movie(no documentary like stuff). All up to YOU GUYS! No rules, just be professionals.

Each City(group) writes their own material and shoots it. This means we should have ENOUGH TALENT, ENOUGH CAMERAS, ENOUGH LENSES, and I'm sure enough necessary production equipment like tripods, dollies, lights, etc.. because for the majority of "camera users" we have those equipments. (ONLY CAMERAS THAT CAN BE USED ARE CAMERAS THAT USE MAGIC LANTERN) because of Camera Workflow, Camera Accessibility, Editing and Grading Workflow like Color Space, File format, and of course ML Community

Maybe our work could even be entered in competition events like film festivals for recognition but optional. W.e we want.

It's time to create and put out some real story content and be taken seriously! [/b][/size][/color]

Anyway, this was just a thought and I'm curious to know what you all think. Suggestions? Improvements? Ideas? comment PLEASE!(please keep your comments clean and respectful)

Raw Video Postprocessing / How to post process raw files
« on: August 18, 2014, 12:18:15 PM »
quick question.. How do you get the washed out/raw  LOOK out of the camera? It seems to be auto colored in CameraRaw in After Effects.

General Help Q&A / Having trouble working with dual ISO files
« on: August 12, 2014, 11:41:15 AM »
how in the world are you guys getting CR2's? I set my ML dual iso ON, AND hdr ON, and hit record. got the same MLV file.. what am I missing here man...

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