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Share Your Videos / Dubai Hyperlapse
June 24, 2016, 06:18:32 PM

My Timelapse and Hyperlapse videos made using ML Intervalometer and FRSP on Canon 600D and 5D Mark III.
Share Your Videos / Team Event - 5D Mark III RAW
February 25, 2015, 07:30:16 PM

I've seen videos of Paul Beauchamp on the forum using Cinelog - Koji combination and thought I would give it a try as well.
I'm really pleased with the result.

Tech Specs:
Canon 5D Mark III (24-105mm f4L, IS), Magic Lantern Raw
1920x1080@30fps (1856x1044@30fps stretched), aspect ratio 2.40:1
Davinci Resolve: BMD Film - Cinelog - Koji Rec709 2383 - DNxHD
Share Your Videos / Dubai Miracle Garden
February 06, 2015, 03:58:48 AM
Share Your Videos / MY SHOWREEL
January 16, 2015, 07:00:24 AM

All shots were made using Magic Lantern Raw 1.0 on 5D Mark III.
All time lapses were shot on Canon 600D (modules mostly used FRSP, Intervalometer)
Hi All,

Does anybody know where can I get raw2dng.exe (windows executable) without chroma smoothing. I'm aware raw2dng.exe applies 2x2 smoothing. 2x2 chroma smoothing is really good but in some shots where background is clear sky and my subject is far away (e.g. Parachutist, or hot air balloon) I see some pixellation on edges of my subject.
I shoot only RAW 1.0 because it is 100% reliable where MLV is 95%ish in my experience, that is with my cards/settings/firmware version etc. I tried different converters including latest raw2cdng 1.6.5 but I'm not happy with vertical stripes correction, not as perfect as raw2dng.exe.

Thanks you in advance.
Here's the link to my video shot over the weekend: