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Previews of my dual-iso files (Cr2 converted with CR2DNG to DNG) have a crazy magenta coloring.  Has anyone found a way to adequately view these? 

I just tried Fast Picture Viewer and it didn't work.  The company was nice to respond:

"Sorry we only support CR2 files from the EOS Mk III and, as a side note, the DNG images you get most likely do not have a suitable JPEG preview and the codec falls back to a default conversion from an unknown camera. The cast you see is due to improper black-level calibration in what are essentially unknown files. "

In video mode, in "M", I have a selected shutter speed and aperture.  Then I use auto-ISO to adjust exposure.  All well and good, except the camera almost always chooses too dark of a setting (too low ISO), because the subjects are backlit (and not in the center)

I would like to either:

1.  Have exposure compensation in video mode in "M", or
2.  (preferable) Choose a specific region of the frame (say, "bottom third") for metering video (especially for auto-ISO).

Feature Requests / Shutter actuation on HALF press
« on: June 23, 2014, 06:32:33 PM »
5D mark III. 

I'd like the shutter to actuate when only half-pressed.  I don't use the half-press for anything (focusing, etc.), so I'd prefer the camera to just take a photo when the button is half-pressed.

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