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In a spanish Canon camera users forum (, today a user has asked for help.

He says his MS-Windows computer has been infected by a virus. And after connecting his 40D to the computer via USB cord, the camera has started to malfunction. AF not working properly, CF cards not recognized. He has tried several cards, tried to reformat them, but they are not still recognised by the camera.

I understand than a virus for MS-Windows cannot run on camera's ARM processor, the camera itself cannot be infected.

But, I wonder If the virus could have seen camera's NVRAM as an removable media accessible through USB and could have written a copy of the virus to NVRAM? This could explain camera's malfunction.

In fact, I suppose Canon is allowing some kind of NVRAM access from USB, to allow the "EOS Utility" software to write data in the camera: lens data for vignetting correction, etc.

Is this hipothesys possible? Is there a known way to reset NVRAM data in this case? Thanks.

General Development / Trying to build for 500D
July 04, 2014, 05:36:56 PM

Since the last stubs reformat one month ago, Nightly Builds for 500D are broken.

Following A1ex tutorial, I have finally found the missings stubs for 500D:

FIO_SeekSkipFile    0xFF1967D4
SetTimerAfter       0xFF070500
CancelTimer         0xFF070700
SetHPTimerAfterNow  0xFF068268
SetHPTimerNextTick  0xFF0682E8

I have put this values in stubs.S for 500D, and tried to build.
But the build still fails:

[ CC       ]   chdk-dng.o
[ CC       ]   edmac-memcpy.o
[ AR       ]   strrchr.o
[ AR       ]   dietlibc.a
[ AR       ]   lib_a-setjmp.o
[ AR       ]   newlib-libc.a
[ CP       ]   newlib-libm.a
[ CP       ]   gcc-libgcc.a
[ LD       ]   magiclantern
edmac-memcpy.o: In function `edmac_memcpy_init':
edmac-memcpy.c:(.text+0x78): undefined reference to `CreateResLockEntry'
edmac-memcpy.o: In function `edmac_memcpy_res_lock':
edmac-memcpy.c:(.text+0xe0): undefined reference to `LockEngineResources'
edmac-memcpy.o: In function `edmac_memcpy_res_unlock':
edmac-memcpy.c:(.text+0x114): undefined reference to `UnLockEngineResources'
edmac-memcpy.o: In function `edmac_memcpy_start':
edmac-memcpy.c:(.text+0x628): undefined reference to `LockEngineResources'
make[1]: *** [magiclantern] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jv/ML_Unified/magic-lantern/platform/500D.111'
make: *** [500D] Error 2

These errors are also present in build output for failed builds on the Nightly builds download page.

So it seems there is still something missing, and not only GUI timer stubs   :-[

Any chance to see builds for 500D working again ?