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Feature Requests / [SOLVED] Exposure Compensation for LV
« on: December 22, 2013, 06:33:09 PM »
Since the second Oct 1st Nightly Build the fonts have changed and the Exposure Compensation indicator is gone.

Please bringt it back. I don't think it's a huge problem, there is alot of free space in the upper and lower bars of the LV screen where it can be put.

Haven't made a single update in the Nightlys since it's missing.



since Auto ETTR now seems to work on the 550D I was giving it a shot.

first, yes, I read the tutorial. I use Halfshutter Double Click to set it off. Now I am wondering, let's say you want to shoot something in a room, bright daylight outside, and the window with the high exposed outside environment appears in the LV screen.

I don't want to make an HDR in this situation, just trying to let Auto ETTR do the metering so I can hopefully get the last bit of information in the RAW file.

What Auto ETTR does when there is something really overexposed in the LV screen (according to RAW Zebras), is it's exposing the bright object (in this case the window) as good as it can but underexposes the rest of the room, which isn't really the effect I was aiming for.

I literally have to set up the situation in a way that the window doesn't appear on the LV screen.

I hope it's clear what I mean. If anyone wants to clarify it for me, please keep it simpel, I am no programmer or such.


Share Your Photos / Hipster Casemod......really? :-)
« on: March 16, 2013, 06:24:12 PM »
Saw a picture of a vintage typewriter, where you could put an iPad in.....gave me an idea.

Fusion HDR, AB and LCD Remote, also the preview tethering shot:

and of course I made an Instagram version of it with LR:


while playing around with Advanced Display Settings last week during an HDR shoot I noticed something by accident.

while having my 550d on my mini tripod right next to a small creek I couldn't see s*** on the display (wishing for at least a 600D there lol) so I tried to make it a little better by set "Image position" on "Lowered even more"

Whil the function was activated, I activated Upsidedown Mode by accident and noticed the screen actually goes higher when upside down.

I tried to make a screenshot but the screen placement doesnt show, just try it out by yourself and you'll see what I mean.

Also the message "Lowered even more" doesn't fit in the box frame which isn't a big deal but doesn't look good.

Is it possible that Magic Lantern recognizes the difference between the signal of an IR-remote control and the shutter button?

Because I was doing some intervalometer shots, the camera set to "10s self-timer / IR remote" because I wanted to start the intervalometer with my remote control.

When Intervalometer is off the camera instantly takes a picture as soon as I press the IR remote button, self timer starts when I use the camera shutter button.

 With intervalometer on the self timer starts counting down and continues doing so with every further picture, no matter if I use IR remote or shutter button.

So can it be done that when the camera receives an IR signal that the self timer won't start when intervalometer is activated and that this value will be saved as long as intervalometer is running?  (to prevent the self timer from counting down before every picture?)

I hope someone understands what I mean, sorry for my english.

(Camera is a 550D)


Share Your Photos / Merry Christmas! Post your ML Xmas pictures in here
« on: December 24, 2012, 12:17:17 PM »
Merry Christmas to all of you, I thought it would be nice to share some Christmas- and ML related pictures.

First one is my mum's Christmas tree, very little ML influence since I only used the Wave remote function (M / f14 / ISO 100 / 15 sec)

second one is an HDR of the nativity scene with ~70 years old figurines.  7 picture Auto bracketing with wave remote, merged with LR/ Enfuse for Lightroom (for anyone who doesn't know about it yet, the HDR coming from LR/ Enfuse are pretty nice naturally looking!)

I edited them on my shabby laptop, I hope they are bright enough and that the WB isnt to warm (the Display isnt the best)

General Help Q&A / High-Res Silent Pics Timelapse.....possible?
« on: November 04, 2012, 11:39:18 AM »

maybe I'm just confused about the documentation about this feature + I'm not a pro, just started with photography this year, but I'm struggeling to understand how you could to a timelapse with the High Res silent pic function.

yes, I know we're intended to use FPS override (which works for me although I don't know what every option is for) but since I like to try out things it'd be nice to know how making silent pic timelapse in High res is possible or not.

there's no problem with the lower resolution silent pics or in burst mode....creating 422 files, converting them into jpegs, easy.

but since in High Res mode the information comes in i.e. 5x5 steps from the LV buffer, how is timelapse possible with this?

as already mentioned, maybe I got the documentation wrong where it  says in High Res mode you can make a timelapse with it.

sorry for my english

General Help Q&A / Confused about some new features in the Nightly builds
« on: October 15, 2012, 07:11:25 PM »

yesterday I installed for the first time since 2.3 release one of the nightlys, updated to the actual version today.

I found some features I really have no idea of what they do and I hope this is the right place to ask. If not, I'm sorry.

First one is

Uni WB Correct which can be found in DISPLAY --> Advanced Settings

Second one is

Snap Simulation in the DEBUG menu

Third one is

Expo Lock in the EXPO menu........I understand you can activate and deactivate several things in its sub menu, but not really getting what I could use that function for?

Fourth one is

Expo Presets also in the EXPO menu.....ok, switching between two sets of expo presets......but what for?

Fifth one which I'm quite embarrased about to ask and is not a particular feature of the nightly builds

LV Display in the EXPO menu.  I'm not seeing any difference in LV when I turn Exp Sim on or off :-/

Thanks for any help


since ML 2.3 RC it seems there's no counter for the time that has elapsed when bulb timer has started on my EOS 550D

with the May release theres was the time counting up on the LV display, giving you an idea how many seconds of the exposure time has elapsed so far.

was there a problem with it or anything because I couldnt find anything according to this.

would be nice to have it back.



when I let ML set the WB automaticly it sometimes raises the WB Shift for Green or Magenta.

But when I turn the WB back to Canon Auto WB, the WB shift value won't reset to 0, so I have to go to ML menu and decrease it to 0 by hand.

I was using ML May 30th and RC2 on my EOS 550D

-Auto adjust WB by using the ML funtion (AV button, Set WB)

-keep doing so until ML raises the shift value for either magenta or green

-turn Canon Auto WB on

-magenta or green value is still being displayed on the screen, go to ML menu to turn it back to 0.

Would be nice if the magenta / green value would jump back to 0 when turning Canon Auto WB on.

Sorry for my english.



I started photography in February 2012 and I'm still learning how to set up the camera properly according to the current situation and tools like Lightroom.

I own an EOS 550D, using the 18-55 IS II Kit Lens (sometimes with an polarization filter to minimize reflections on windscreens and hoods of cars), the 55-250 IS II (not that satisfied with it) and the 50mm 1.8, which is a pretty nice lens!

Magic Lantern comes in handy in some situations, but I'm sure I'm not using it with its full potential.

here are some of my HDR and normal processed pictures, I'm open to any helpful tips since I definitely need alot more practice.

this pic shows paratroopers of the 263th Airborne Bataillon of the German Army in front of Zweibr├╝cken Castle for their 30th anniversary roll-call after 10 pm, so it was already dark.

It's an ML HDR autmatic created picture, processed with Lightroom and Photomatix, removed a twig, recolored the top hair of the viewer in the lower section of the pic and reshaped one of the soldier's torches on top of the castle with GIMP......I'm satisfied with it because the flags, soldiers and people were moving during the shoot

another HDR, sun was in front of me....has the drawn look which I like with this one

old BMW 3.0 CSi I found sitting at the Dakar yellow. I highlighted it with Lightrooms brush tool

some shots from an BMW meet at the Hockenheimring

my car :-)

@the N├╝rburgring

did this one without an ND filter, got some really nasty edges around the trees and the building in the upper left corner, no idea how I can prevent this from happening.....

I really hope some of them are good enough

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