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I wanted to share this with you all, it's the first short I've worked on in my free time shooting with ML RAW Video on my 5D, using only natural lighting. I created this in memory of my grandfather, who passed away many years ago, and dedicated it to my father as a Father's Day gift. The video is of my brother visiting the place where we scattered my grandfather's ashes and leaving a rose in remembrance.

The video hasn't been graded or altered outside of minor adjustments in ACR to balance the exposures, shadows/highlights and color across shots. Let me know what you guys think!

Duplicate Questions / 5D MK3 & External HDMI monitor Overlays
« on: May 19, 2014, 08:16:41 AM »
Hi all,

So I'm looking to shoot my first short tomorrow on my 5D3 with the Raw MLV video, and am just prepping my setup, however I'm noticing something that's slightly annoying. It may be fixable, it may just be that it doesn't work and I'll have to deal with it for now.

So I tried plugging in my Zacuto EVF through the mini HDMI on my 5D3, and when I have HDMI Mirroring turned off on the canon menu, I get the regular image with ML Overlays through the Zacuto just fine, with no picture on the Canon screen. This is normal, I expected this. However, when I turn on mirroring, I lose all ML Overlays from both screens, and in the ML menu, the Overlay menu is entirely grayed out, and at the bottom in orange text it says "Press INFO (outside of ML menu) to turn off Canon displays" even though I have none on, and pressing INFO just brings the Canon overlays up.

I'd love to be able to have the ML overlays stay up and mirror alongside the image so that both my operator and AC can take advantage of the overlays, but as it currently stands, at least from the options I've tried, I only can get one of those two options:
1) LiveView with ML Overlays on just one screen, other screen is black. (HDMI mirroring off)
2) LiveView with NO overlays on both screens. (HDMI mirroring on)

Is there a way for me to get it so that I can have LiveView active on both screens, as well as the ML overlays on both or even just one of the two? Either would be a great improvement. However if not then I'll make do.


Share Your Videos / First attempt at RAW vs H.264 comparison on 5D3
« on: May 13, 2014, 11:02:29 AM »
So I figured while shooting test footage on my 5D3 with my new Lexar 64GB 1066x CF Card, I would also record  H.264 versions to compare with. This isn't the most fair of comparisons, as I did do some tweaking to some of the RAW shots in Adobe Camera Raw (both for the better and the worse, again I was testing things out not trying to be a perfectionist here!), but for the most part you get the idea. Let me know what you think!

Share Your Videos / 2.5K ML RAW Video on 5D3 (3:1)
« on: May 13, 2014, 10:57:28 AM »
So having just recently jumped onboard the Magic Lantern bandwagon, and absolutely loving it so far, I've been shooting some test footage to experiment what my camera is capable of and finding a good post processing workflow. I'm thinking that the potential offered by the 3X Digital Zoom, turning my 70-200 virtually into a 210-600 is truly awesome, and the ability to obtain higher resolutions at the cost of vertical resolution is something interesting to play with as well.

Anyways, here's a video sample I shot off of my balcony earlier today at 2560x854 using the 3X digital zoom on my 70-200mm f4L @70mm. I'm using a Lexar 64GB 1066x card, and had memory hack and card spanning on. The image hasn't been tweaked at all, just brought straight through ACR into After Effects and rendered out with media encoder and uploaded.

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