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At the moment I'm building a shutter from an old hard disk to use with an old kodak brownie lens.
The shutter is controlled by an arduino and the arduino also controls my leaf digital back and triggers the flash.
It is all mounted on wooden plates that fit my View Camera.

Although it started as a project to use very old lenses, I soon realised the potential of controlling all parts of the camera independent from each other.
Before doing this, I had already build a sensor trigger with an arduino to take pictures of bullets and stuff.
This was the next logical step, allowing greater control over the picture taking proces.

So I was wondering if it is possible to control the shutter of a Canon DSLR separate from the sensor activation and flash triggers.
My guess is no, but I thought I'd ask.



First topic, but really need some help here.
I really love MG on my 5DII and have been using it with capture one for the past year.
Not trouble at all.
Since the last update of C1pro however it gives an error when connecting.
No other software is affected, neither is the camera.

Even without the MG CF card it fails to work, so somehow C1pro detects that the firmware is not generic canon.
Is there a way to make it work again?
Or will I have to make a choice between perfect workflow and perfect capture.

Macbook pro 2.0 i7 16gb Ram SSD hardrive for start-up and HD for storage. Running OS X 10.8
5DII with latest MG and latest canon firmware.
Capture one 6.4.3

Thank you

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