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Hardware and Accessories / Feelworld F6 PLUS with 5d3
August 06, 2022, 12:29:32 PM
I've recently received an external monitor Feelworld F6 PLUS and will use it with 5d mark III.

If anyone is interested in this monitor and need some information how it works in this combination, feel free to ask.  ;)

Hello to everyone!

I was so inspired by Danne's work with EOS M camera to make it more like a Movie camera. I couldn't wait till someone make something like that for 5d mark III. Sadly I'm not a programmer and I cannot dig so deeply with fast accessing drop down menus, etc. So, I took Danne's cine.lua preset from this topic and modified it to my needs.

Overall I've made 5 presets with different settings to switch fast between them. It takes about 6-7 second to switch settings by a preset.
I decided to share it, maybe someone will find it useful.

Right now I have presets for:

1. 1920 25fps 2.35:1
- 1920 resolution
- 25 fps
- 2.35:1 aspect ratio
- shutter speed - 1/50
- script checks if you're in 1920p 25 fps in Canon's menu (if not you have to change it manually)
- focus aid to default mode (zooms 10x on a shutter halfpress - very useful to check focus)
- 14-bit lossless
- Focus Peak - ON
- Spotmeter - Percent
- Histogram - RAW RGB

2. 3xCrop 1920 25fps 2.35:1
- the same as above but it's a 3x Crop mode - 1920 1:1

3. 1920 50fps 2.35:1
- 1920 resolution
- 50 fps
- 2.35:1 aspect ratio
- shutter speed - 1/100
- iso - 100 (as it seems to have the best compression ratio)
- script checks if you're in 1280p 50 fps in Canon's menu (if not you have to change it manually)
- focus aid to default mode (zooms 10x on a shutter halfpress - very useful to check focus)
- 14-bit lossless
- Crop mode - 1920 50fps
- Focus Peak - OFF
- Spotmeter - OFF
- Histogram - OFF

4. 1920 24fps 2.35:1
- the same as 1 but 24fps
- script checks if you're in 1920p 24 fps in Canon's menu (if not you have to change it manually)

5. 3xCrop 1920 24fps 2.35:1
- the same as 2 but 24fps
- script checks if you're in 1920p 24 fps in Canon's menu (if not you have to change it manually)

This is just a lua script which sets everything automatically instead of doing it by yourself manually. It doesn't change any ML core files.
I've tested these presets on my camera a lot of times, made some minor fine tuning to work smoothly every time in any order.

To make it work you need to:
1. download Danne's build from here called and install it on you camera
2. put script on your card in a folder called \ML\scripts
3. Load in ML menu (also you will need mlv_lite, mlv_snd and crop_rec modules, so load them too).

Now you have it in Scripts.
You can enable autorun to load it everytime on camera boot

In MOVIE tab we have a new string called Fast Video Presets

Choose preset from menu

Download link:

Scripting Q&A / Changing Canon's menu settings
November 17, 2019, 08:24:34 PM
I'm currently trying to make my own presets for different video settings for 5dIII (inspired by Danne's cine.lua).
I've set all up in ML menu using lua script but some stuff is in Canon's menu:

I need to change: PAL to NTSC   
Recording format: 1920 25 ALL-I   to  1280 50 ALL-I

I'm lost here.
What is the correct way to navigate through those settings?
When I was thinking about purchase of Ronin-S, I was worried about, how it will perform with my Canon 5d mark III running Magic Lantern. I've found in the manual, that Ronin was tested with 1.3.5 Canon firmware, but I'm still on 1.1.3 (because of ML).

My current setup: Canon 5d mark III (ver.: 1.1.3)  with Magic Lantern (experimental crop_rec build, published on 2018-07-22). Ronin-S firmware version: v1.7.0.60

To test follow focus features, I've decided to buy a simple Micro-to-Mini USB adapter (~ $1) and use it with included original MCC-to-MicroUSB cable.

Here is a video:
(Please, turn ON the subtitles to read my comments (press PAUSE if you need)! This video is for test purposes only, so don't judge the overall quality of it.)

When camera is disabled: follow focus blinks red LED
As soon as camera booted, we see the continuous green LED light.
When we reach the limit of a focus distance, we're getting the message on a screen.
The soft limits are on both sides.

After message is gone, the screen "reloads" the image, and we can see a focusing window for a second.

The lens' auto focus works not as usual. It makes loud clicks for each step.

Focus/record button.

It doesn't focus on a half press :/ (update: it works, I added info at the end of this message).

With a full push it should start a record. But it only goes to a black screen with overlays, and the record timer stays at 00:00
I've waited for a few minutes, but nothing changes.
So, to Start recording we need to press 3 times. With short delays between them.

Nevertheless, it stops recording with only one push. It's nice ))

Most of the times, it started recording after 3 pushes of the button.
But in some circumstances, it could start recording after the first push.

Small update: Auto focus actually WORKS on a half press. I forgot, that I use a back AF-ON button on my camera, and it is disabled on the main trigger button. So, the only problem with ML is Start recording on a 3-rd press. Without ML a recording starts as it supposed.

So, I hope I can confirm, that Ronin S works with Canon 5d mark III without ML, on an old firmware 1.1.3 with Micro-to-Mini USB adapter.
So, who wants, can actually buy a dedicated original cable MCC-MiniUSB.