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I think this qualifies for a note of it's own (It's a serious capture-hindrance out there. I've searched but not found any discussion nor solution):

5D3 using ext. monitor via HDMI (Sony CLM-V55 5" & Marshall V-LCD50): When choosing the EXPO-menu to adjust White Balance, the white balance K-readout is blocked by the bottom info-panel that now suddenly has moved up (!) and now appears in the top of the LV-image - hence hiding the white balance read out panel...

It's a real knock out when doing reportage, run-n-gun style shooting etc. ...

Can i possibly make a workaround w. other settings perhaps - have tried (by nature somewhat randomly) but to no avail?

And sorry, i haven't cracked the image upload challenge just yet (bear with me, pls.), but this is what it looks like:

Best regards :))
Just migrated from 5D2 to 5D3 - now running build 1.2.3.

Great and impressive work as always :))

However the upgrade to 5D3 w. 1.2.3 is giving me some headaches (sound is one major, but that's only second);

I've searched the forum for coverage of problems of external monitoring wo any mention/solution to the weird black bars blocking/cropping my LV-image on external HDMI-monitors: Sony CLM-V55 5" & Marshall V-LCD50 (Sorry for any inconvenience caused if this is already covered, but i have not been able to come across any discussion regarding this?).

The blacked-out bar cropping/obscuring the top of the image appears indifferently of any (all) settings of Screen Layout (Display -> Advanced settings).

And w. Force HDMI-VGA 'ON' the blacked-out bar moves to the right side (vertical now)

[Pls. pardon the smartphone imaging 'quality']
I've searched the forum for posts regarding the posibility of descrete mono input for external audio in both channels (L/R). Sorry for any inconvenience caused if this is already covered, but i have not been able to come across any discussion regarding this?

With my 5DmkII and v.2.3 i'm able to have one channel of discrete mono-in. But at the same time i have to accept the internal mic as input-source on the remaing mono-input channel.

I can avoid the internal mic by choosing external stereo audio input - but then it is not w. discrete input (i.e. the stero channels are not fully separated in discrete L/R - instead both channels are then present in either channel L/R).

It would be great with discrete external mon input in both channels; then i could have i.e. a microport in Left and a (camera mounted) shotgun on Right channel?

Thx for the great work with Magic Lantern :)