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I need urgent help!  I have a 5D mkIII and today I just did some important MLV recording on my Lexar 128gb CF card. I have been using this card for a couple of years, it's my go-to card.  The filming went very well as I would able to check all the footage on my 5D video the playback option. However, when I reached home to offload the MLV data off the card by plugging it into my Lexar USB 3.0 Reader (which I have been using ever since I got the card), the Reader cannot read the CF card and just show the blue reader light flashing on & off.  Confused, I tried connecting the reader and CF card to another machine and the same thing happened again. To check there are no problems with the reader I inserted my Komputer Bay 128gb and it worked without any problems. As a double check, I inserted the Lexar Card back into my 5D and attempted to read the files by connecting the camera to my PC via USB 2.0... Sadly, even though the camera can still read and write to the card without any problems and my PC see both the capacity and the amount of data that is used,  everything comes up as Zero bytes when I go into the folders! 

I don't know what to do and I MUST get the files off the card. 

Guys, can you help me solve this problem? Any solution/ideas at all, please help.
Hi gang,

This is actually a question but at the same time, I think it should be a sticky topic that should be kept up to date as more and more cameras have been released and on the way, cameras that ML are or will be serving.

A few years ago. I purchased the Canon 5D Mark III because I knew about ML providing unrivalled RAW video and I definitely wouldn't have purchased the camera if I didn't know about that information. Without a doubt, this was an excellent decision and I no regrets for ML brought the 5D mk iii camera to great heights that helped the camera remain unrivalled for providing insane 12-bit video quality for a couple of years. During that time, the general consensus throughout the industry is that the 5D mkiii is the best camera for ML. 

Alas, that was a few years ago...  Since then, we have received a number of new cameras such as the Canon M, 1D, 5Ds-R, 5D Mark IV and so on. In consideration of these latest cameras, their unique features, (e.g. 4K), the vast progress and current status of ML's development, I think it's time to rethink what camera is considered the flagship cam for ML experience and possibly the top 3 ranking.  I think keeping this information up to date would be an incredible help to everyone, from current to newcomers a-like, and from big spenders to those that are on a strict budget.

So, what is the new flagship ML camera and possibly the top 3 ranking cameras?  Let it be known here.
Hi all,

I wonder if you can help me on this one as this is pretty important for a client.  I've shoot several scenes in RAW format and on one of the scenes, I have shot over 31gb worth of RAW video (not MLV) that split into 8 files (M18-1157. RAW, M18-1157.R00, M18-1157.R01 ..... M18-1157.R06).  When I went to post, all the other RAW files (including multi files) worked perfectly fine but this one refuse to open for extraction.

Here are the methods I have tried:

1) Used MlRawViewer_1_2_2 to view the files for extraction:  I dropped the M18-1157.RAW file into the execute  mlrawviewer.exe file but nothing happen other than the program providing the following log info:

(c) Andrew Baldwin & contributors 2013-2014
Using GLFW
wavnames []
wavfilename E:\****\*****\Video 2 Idashi\M18-1157a.WAV
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1874, in <module>
  File "<string>", line 1867, in main
  File "<string>", line 702, in __init__
  File "c:\Projects\mlrawviewer\build\mlrawviewer_win\out00-PYZ.pyz\GLComputeGLFW", line 146, in __init__
  File "c:\Projects\mlrawviewer\build\mlrawviewer_win\out00-PYZ.pyz\GLComputeGLFW", line 165, in installCallbacks
  File "<string>", line 8, in glfwSetWindowRefreshCallback
WindowsError: exception: access violation reading 0x000001E0

2) Put the M18-1157.RAW directly into RAW2DNG:  The MSDOS flash on screen which indicated the program attempted to open the file but failed.

3) Used File Splitter & Joiner to join all the files together then open it again by using either RAW2DNG or mlrawviewer:  The files joined together perfectly but the same result occurred as point 2.

4) Tried renaming one of the multi files filename extension to ".RAW" then see if I can extract the files using RAW2DNG or MLRAWviewer.  No luck.

5) Tried to only open the original RAW file using any of the programs and attempted to hide the rest of the data within another folder so the program can only recognize the one file. Still no luck.

I've ran out of ideas and I urgently need to solve this...  I know that the hundreds of DNG files are still alive inside the RAW files itself, but I don't know how to extract them, and all the files baring the last one are 4,194,304kb file size, which is the correct size. Maybe there is an header error? I have no idea.

Can anyone help me, please? I would be most grateful for any amazing help to solve this issue.

To help further , here are my system and equipment info that I use for all my work:

Camera:  Canon 5D MKIII, Magic Lantern firmware v1.2.3-ml Nightly.2
CPU:  Windows 7, i7 OC 4.8ghz 3930k, 32gb memory, Asus 680 Direct CU II Top,
Extraction programs used:  MLRawViewer 1.2.2, MLRawviewer, RAW2DNG

Funny. The original plan was to make a simple video featuring local people, young and old, playing sports in celebration of a Sports Centre's 30th anniversary here in Japan. That was the plan until I got RAW working on my 5D. Once I got it working, the idea immediately changed into creating an cinematic style trailer that I served as the introduction to a special documentary that talks about the history of the gym, and it's importance to the people/community.  I won't bore you with the documentary because it is all in Japanese but please take look and enjoy the trailer:

(Please set to 4K resolution for the best quality)

When I first brought my 5D MkIII I was REALLY disappointed with the H264 recording quality, however those negative thoughts immediately changed once I had ML installed which turn my 5D into a beastly EX3 contender (or beater depending how you look at it)!  The RAW recording made everything so much easier for me to realize my vision once I figured out a smooth workflow for unpacking and rendering the files and so on.   Dat (yes, "Dat" instead of "that") 14-bit depth made everything so much easier for me for colour correct (which is a struggle in H264 format and it's low bit-rate and colour depth) those mid and low levels to bring each scene closer to what I saw on the day of filming. I am quite happy with the results even though I know I can do MUCH better if I thought and planned all in mind from the beginning.

I can't wait for the next major ML update for continuous RAW record in 1080p 24fps or higher, and I hope there are options to allow easier sound synching solutions with external recording devices such as Tascam.

Please enjoy!