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Here are some example clips of abstract macro subjects filmed using Full Res Pictures + 3.5k crop mode on 5DmkIII.
Using 50 & 75mm lenses with +5 achromatic diopter with macro extension tubes to get some very tight shots - sometimes no bigger than a 10mm section of fluid inside a petri dish!
Some shots had a custom motorised turntable to move either the subject or camera a few millimetres at the desired rotational or tracking speed for the appropriate frame rate or scale of subject.
I'm still experimenting with crop mode for macro use, it is a lot of fun and I am really loving the possibilities it opens up.

Many thanks to A1ex and all the other devs who make this possible, and continue to improve the ML experience.

I recently bought a Cam-Fi wireless camera controller - and when in regular canon mode, not running ML...all is really great, the video live-view monitoring alone is superb.

As I half-expected, once trying the setup when running ML, a bunch of buffer errors prevent the communication to be made or sustained for anything other than a 'start' signal to the camera to take one still, or start a video recording...then the app and camera just freeze with a load or errors and will not play ball.

To be clear, connection is lost after trying to trigger recording when camera is set to MLV or ML raw module is active....h264 recording and monitoring works fine.
I'm running build 123 Oct 10th on 5D3.

Here is the product details of what I'm very keen to get working whilst running ML:

Here are a couple of error examples that happens when the Cam-Fi attempts to control the camera through the usb input (I have no clue what the specific problem is):

Before embarrassing myself any further by revealing my total lack of knowledge all things to do with interpreting code and such there an easy explanation as to why the communication to the camera control is unable to be achieved whilst running ML? - I suspects this issue would also happen if the camera was tethered physically?

All I want is to access live view and start/stop ML recording using the Cam-Fi wireless is a very cool little device for wireless monitoring of live-view and for full camera control when in standard canon mode. It just seems to only currently work for horrible .h264 canon video :(

Any advice welcome (including me being told it is an impossible dream)...any specific info I can submit to get closer to getting a dev to work out, let me know.


Share Your Videos / The Fog - 5D Mk III raw Low light test
« on: March 16, 2014, 05:32:53 AM »
First low light / ISO test of ML raw on 5D3. Noise pattern still visible in a few shots, but not bad for 6400 with no de-noise filter. Shot @ F.2 1/30th shutter using Kowa inflight 1.75x anamorphic and TRUMP58 lens with 2x oval from

Not pushed raw files too much - I'm that sure cleaner results can be obtained with better processing and compression for upload.

Music: The Fog Soundtrack (Blakes Gold Edition)

Feature Requests / Movie REC key (Half Shutter) option on 5DIII?
« on: March 16, 2014, 01:24:38 AM »
Hello all, (I've edited this post to be more concise)

I'm wondering if it's possible to have the same Movie REC key 'Half shutter' command option to start/stop the raw video recording for the 5D3... like you can on the current 7D build (and from what I can tell all other camera ML builds):

7D build 203
Built on: 2014-03-19 23:31:14 +0000
Changeset: aad1ee69ef7a

I would like this option on the 5D3:

This may be simple to implement, but alas I have no clue as to how.
It will massively help me at the moment - as I use this feature to remotely trigger the camera with a simple push button switch (not a two-stage shutter remote)


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