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General Help Q&A / CF card works in camera, unreadable on computer.
« on: November 02, 2017, 01:16:16 PM »
Hello everyone!

I've got a problem with a CF card. For some reason it works in camera (5Dmk3), but the computer can't see it.
There are MLVs on it, I can even view them in-camera and record new ones, but not download them.

Here is what I've already done:
- Use 3 different USB 3.0 readers, including Lexar - doesn't help. Asks to Initialize every time.
- Use Initialize and OSX recovery - it tries to recover partition map, but fails. It sees 128GB card as... 33MB partition.
- Use PhotoRec - same as above - 33MB partition with nothing on it to recover.
- Use TestDisk - also 33MB partition, "No partition found or selected for recovery".

After all that experiments I've tried on 5Dmk3 again - and everything is still there.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!

Duplicate Questions / 5D mkIII RAW footage for tests.
« on: February 27, 2014, 09:10:47 PM »

I was wondering if anyone could share a few straight-from-camera RAW videos (Canon 5D mk III)?
I was trying really hard to find something on the forum, but I gave up :(

I want to switch to 5D mk III, but I don't want to buy it before I check how long does it really take to get ML files to Premiere.

Thanks in advance, kind people :)

I assure you that your material will not be used in any way but for tests :)


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