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Im using Magic Lantern Raw footage from a 5D iii and my workflow is as follows:

1: MLVs to DNG using MLV Mystic
2: DNG to ProRes 422 individual clips in Resolve (Some 25p some 50p)
3: Edit on a 25p timeline, using "speed/duration" to slow down 50p clips
4: Export Finalcut XML
5: Rename proxies folder
6: Import to Resolve 11.1, relinking DNG's in place of ProRes proxies

Now my cuts are all there and it uses the correct source file for each clip on the timeline, but all of the slow motion clips are using the wrong section of the source file and seem to be running at 12.5 fps or something.

The audio on the timeline is also using the wrong sections of the linked audio (recorded separately from clips).

Any ideas whats happening? Ive tried Resolve and Finalcut 7 for mixed framerate options.