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Duplicate Questions / H.264 custom resolutions
« on: February 21, 2014, 01:57:00 AM »
Is there any option to set custom aspect ratio and resolution in H.264 video? I don't mean those in canon menu, but highly customizable, like in RAW menu...

Is this possible?

Duplicate Questions / H.264 custom aspect ratios and resolutions
« on: February 21, 2014, 01:51:34 AM »
Hello, can we hope for an option of custom H.264 resolutions and aspect ratios (similar to those in RAW menu)?

It would make recording with H.264 much better. For example recording with widescreen 2.39, without sound (separate device) and with highered CBR buffer we could get some interesting quality, maybe just a bit comparable to RAW. What do you guys think?


Hello all!

I am preparing my 600d for optimum options to get most of it for my future film. And as there was day like everyday, an idea came across my mind when I noticed the "anamorphic" option in ML menu.

Now what I think would be a good idea is to be able to record squeezed horizontaly RAW video. What makes horizontal squeezing better then vertical is - you don't loose so much quality, because there is no line skipping. So you get no aliasing. The only quality loss you could notice is when horizontally stretching the image, but if the ratio isn't too big (e.g. 1.2-1.3), you could handle any "artifacts" with resampling engines in RAW processing software (lightroom, Blow Up 3 etc). But! If we could save some pixels horizontally, maybe (!) you could just get this HD finally in 600d RAW! I'm definitely looking for it, I think it would be a really big improvement for our sad 21 MB/s buffer.

BTW. I wanted to mention this is not totally new feature as you still get vertical squeezing when using 720p 50fps option in Canon menu. So... this is quite good, but as I said - vertical squeezing destroys the image (aliasing), and horizontal - not so much! I hope we dould get it working, lovely idea. What you think guys?


Post-processing Workflow / RawTherapee, Resizing and bad quality...
« on: February 10, 2014, 02:08:13 PM »
Hello all forum members!

I looked all over internet for a solution, but couldn't find any. I'm asking for help or for some ideas.
I have very NO-BUDGET situation, already bought 600D and it is all I can afford, but I plan some professional film shooting in future. And here is my problem. I have to use Lightroom alternatives, so I use free RawTherapee. But a problem with it is - it actually destroys whole DNG quality when importing.

I compared quality of converted, pure DNG's with what I get after importing to RawTherapee and it is horrible! RawTherapee changes colors and adds a lot of noise which is ubsent in DNG's! I don't know why it is like that (I use v3, because 4.0 crashes with batch processing), but I need to search for some alternetives. I checked LightZoom free software but it doesn't remove hot/dead pixels (despite the fact they say it does, on the website wiki).

Now I'm stuck. I want to get as best as I can from my (not very High-Res already) RAW video capability. It looks decent when upscaled to FHD properly. But RT adds this ugly noise, so it degradates image, while original looks clear!

I hope you might have some ideas and solutions to help me, bcs I don't have even 20 bucks to spend on additional software... Thanks!

Duplicate Questions / Resolve Hot Pixels
« on: February 06, 2014, 03:56:41 PM »
Hello all!

I have a strange problem with bad/hot/dead/whatever pixels. They are absent in .dng, images look clean, but... when I add them to Resolve they pop out from anywhere! What is this glitch? Dng or Resolve's fault? Anyone can help?


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