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Hello all,

I filmed my very first shots with Magic Lantern raw video on a 5d2 a while back (2-11-14) with the latest version at the time, never edited the footage.  Now I'm trying to edit the footage and use it, but I keep running into the same issue.  When I convert everything to DNG and play back the recording, where ever there is light that is TOO bright, I get this purple/multi-color pixel stuff.  I don't know what to call it, other than dead pixels.  Its only when the light that is being picked up by the camera is TOO bright, and I don't know how to fix it.  I have google'd for a bit but haven't really found the answer.  Hoping someone can help me figure this out?

Hey there forum

Ok, so I did my first test run with shooting RAW, and WOW what an awesome improvement! The video I shot was under ground, with a ligthing guy who usually provides lighting for concerts/nightclubs, so it was awesome capturing the bright brights/dark darks, and being able to have control after shooting!!

My workflow that i'm using as of now (from what I gathered over the internet) is this...

/ Import MLV (M00, M01) files from card/
(5-13 minutes)
/ Convert MLV files into DNGs /
(4-12 minutes)
/ Open After Effects CC, import sequence by clicking on first frame, grading that first frame, and hit open /
(2-4 minutes)
/// Try to skip ahead, or ram preview any of it ///
(FOREVER minutes)

I wound up reverting to just picking settings in camera raw, applying, then export to adobe media encoder, wait an hour an a half, then put each of those files in premiere, and work with the entire video that way.  But the process from actually seeing if my raw edits are good enough, to the point where I use them in final edits takes YEARS.

I would LOVE some help on this, my system is no slouch, yet it seems like it is when working with raw video!

My setup is this:
AMD 8 Core 4 ghz
16 GB ram
2 ATI Gigabyte 7970s
256 SSD
Windows 7