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Some fireworks shot on 5D3 with ML RAW using Cinelog LUTS in Resolve 12 (+ NeatVideo). Testing the workflow compared to AE + what settings would be best to shoot fireworks.

Here are my rec settings for this clip:

General Development / Depth of field display
March 15, 2015, 11:06:08 PM
Depth of field calculation display above focus distance metering in bottom bar...

I just put the code for this thing online if anyone is interested or perhaps can make it better... merged into ML unified

It looks like this:

I am no expert at this, in fact I only learn from reading the Magic Lantern code itself. Perhaps this addition is not suited for all cameras - (screen resolutions?) I have a 5D3 to test on. Please give me pointers how to make things better (or to get the hell out! ;)

I have been using this DOF display professionally for a year now and it helps alot.

PS: a1ex perfected the code and merged it into ML, thanks a1ex  :D