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Duplicate Questions / Cant install ML on 5DmarkIII
« on: January 22, 2014, 03:20:11 PM »
we are trying to put ML on our 5D Mark3 with 1.2.1 fw and we have few problems. We read the begginers guide but almost on start there is problem.

1. Format card on PC (must use card reader) and then format on Camera.
2. Put card back on card reader (PC) and copy the fir file to the card root directory.
3. Put card back on Camera and go to the Firmaware update section (Canon Menu) do an update with the 5D3-113-bootflag.fir
Here in point 3. we try to install the 5D3-113-bootflag.fir but the after click on firmawere version (with 1.2.1 in camera) to update/set bootflag on LCD appear "Loading" for a milisecond then the LCD turn off and the red led keep blinking every 2-3 sec. This goes about 10min so we turn off the camera (nothing happened) and then put out the battery. We thought that is some problem with the original 1.2.1 fw so we downgrade the firmware "official way" with file from this site - This procedur was succesful and now we have fw 1.1.3 on camrea.

Then we try to go on with the guide so we format the card (in pc then in camera) then we put the 5D3-113-bootflag.fir on card and try to set the bootflag. Then this happened... So its said "Could not find ML files".

We also watched this video and there the guy use another procedure to put the ML on camera. After upgrade/downgrade the fw to 1.1.3 he put all ML files on the card, also autoexec.bin and the 5D3-113-bootflag.fir. Then he use the EOScard.exe to make the card bootable. Then he put the card to the camera and proceed to update/set bootflag procedure. On his video everything goes ok. But one thing is different. He said and same is writen on guide that you need to check two files.. magic.sym and But in the package that we downloade from ML today (build 2014-01-20 01:11:09 +0100) is only the .. the magic.sym file is missing. Why? We found the file in description of this video: but we dont know if we can combine this file with the new ones from latest build.

Why is in the official guide another process (wich doesnt work for us) then in the videotutorials (that we thing can work)?
Thank for reply.
David and Jan

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