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Here's an instrumental music I shot in Brazil, using alpha versions for both 5D3 and 7D. We didn't have a single crash/bug during the shoot. ML provided us custom cropmarks, zebras, focus peaking, magic zoom, the basic stuff that makes both cameras much more reliable in the low-light we had. Shot it mainly in f/2 or f/2.8.

The picture style we used was a beta version of VisionColor's Log, graded with Colorista II, in After Effects.
Tutorials and Creative Uses / Anamorphic Cropmarks
October 09, 2012, 10:06:59 PM
Hey guys!

Recently I've been taken by an anamorphic fever and the point is: they have some different stretch ratios (1.33x, 1.5x and 2x).

Last week I worked on a project mixing these lenses and had quite a headache figuring out, on set, which portion of the screen was going to be used on the final video, meant to be Cinemascope (2.4:1), shot with a Panasonic LA7200 (1.33x stretch), but was also shot with a Kowa (2x stretch). Something was going to cropped out of Kowa's image.

Right after that I went into Photoshop and made cropmarks for mixing all kinds of anamorphic stretches and still being able to know what portion of the frame is gonna be used in the final video. Tested them today with the Panasonic (1.33x) and an Isco (1.5x) and it worked perfectly. Here they are.

As you noticed, the file names have similar and repeating numbers. The first number means the final image proportion, and the second number is the stretch ratio of the used lens. For example, you want to shoot something with a Kowa (2x stretch) and also use a normal lens for extra footage, when shooting this extra footage you should use the cropmark that says "2x-norm", as it reproduces the size ratio of Kowa's final image, on a lens that has no stretch ratio.

The names were easier to understand, but a bit longer as well, so they didn't show properly in ML menu.