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General Help Q&A / Original photo file name stored in Exif data?
« on: December 28, 2022, 01:38:08 PM »
More a question of the actual canon firmware and how it writes its images, I guess irrespective of Magic Lantern.

Does the original file name of the jpeg, ie IMG_9876.JPG, get stored somewhere in the exif data?
It stores all the picture style and sharpness and what not for the sake of the camera reading that is the image number given by the camera stored anywhere in there?


(very long time since I've posted here, still a big user of ML though)

General Chat / Cinema wide aspect crop question
« on: August 19, 2019, 10:41:53 AM »
A question for anybody who has the correct answer; :P

When I see behind the scenes stuff for movies, they have their 16:9 monitor with multiple crop marks, but for the "cinema wide" crop mark (greater than 2:1 (the 2.39:1 or what not)) it is never positioned at the centre vertically...

General Help Q&A / Saving into two picture styles?
« on: July 05, 2019, 03:14:57 AM »
Is there a way I can have the picture save on the camera into two different picture styles?
And in particular; two custom picture styles?
(inb4 "just use raw")

edit & explanation:
I want to take the photo in jpeg, and instead of it saving one photo in "neutral" or what not,
I want it to process and save 2 jpegs of the same picture, one in neutral and one in say standard (or custom picture profile).

Post-processing Workflow / "LosslessCut" Video Trimmer
« on: February 23, 2019, 02:36:59 PM »
Just came across this! Been wanting something like this for a long time.
(I have not yet tried it myself)
"Save space by quickly and losslessly trimming video and audio files"

This is not an advertisement, I just found it and thought I definitely need to share.
It runs off ffmpeg, and I was actually unaware ffmpeg had such a cutting capability.

Anyway, hopefully this means no more re-encoding a lot of videos for me.

Hardware and Accessories / Jammed focusing on old lens (any advice)
« on: August 08, 2018, 01:17:19 PM »
I have a 24mm Soligor 2.8 FD mount. Everything works on it but I can't turn the focus to infinity, it jams at 0.7m, but can be turned the other way all the way to 1:4 macro.
I can't seem to figure out what is stopping it from turning any further, does anybody have any ideas or advice?

General Chat / What's with electronic focus rings?
« on: May 27, 2018, 12:47:54 PM »
I was super keen to get the 10 to 18mm EF-s lens until I just found out that the focus ring on it isn't mechanical.
It's one of those ones that spin forever which I assume has to communicate with the camera to communicate back to the lens.
Are they doing this with kit lenses for ef-s cameras as well nowadays?

I'd like to have a few options for this but depending which is available. I'll list the various here:
1) loud sound triggers autofocus (in live view with face detection), once autofocus completes there is timer delay til it takes a photo
2) loud sound triggers autofocus (in live view with face detection), next loud sound triggers a photo (also with a timer delay that can be specified)
3) loud sound triggers autofocus in video mode with face detection and then starts recording once focus is achieved, if it doesnt find focus another loud sound either triggers recording or another attempt at autofocus

any help?

Excuse my ignorance as I didn't follow from the beginning of some of these topics and I'm a little confused.
When it comes to RAW video I'm seeing 10bit 12bit 14bit discussion, 3x3 crop mode discussion, 2K 3K 4K discussion, and the compressed format RAW discussion, also not sure what the two in two out discussion is.
What is compatible with what?
Also what cameras are these compatible with?
I'm looking to port it to 550D.

Also, in terms of crop mode, I know there was a crop mode unlocked for MP4 video so it would take the centre of the picture, my question at the time was does this mean that 1080p can be shot 1080p without it being upscaled, which the answer was no, it was still the same resolution upscaled just cropped in (getting rid of some moire and aliasing problems in a sense.)

Side question, where do I find the atdg module, do I have to compile it myself?
I know there was once talks of a module repository...

Forum and Website / A Magic Lantern Discord?
« on: April 10, 2017, 02:51:20 PM »
I know the ML IRC is used quite a bit but Discord seems to be the place things are moving to.
There are other IRC rooms that are completely dead yet their Discord is quite lively in text chat.
Plus there's been times I've had to set up temp voice chats online to try to guide people through things.

Share Your Videos / Live Music 550D
« on: February 02, 2017, 01:58:12 PM »
I shot a friend of mine doing some live music and as usual ML the firmware that never leaves my camera aided quite a bit.
Shot on a 550D with the 50mm 1.8, plus a rode stereo video mic for audio.
I shot on the 1.8 because it was quite dark and I wanted to keep my ISO as low as possible.
I also shot at 24p (23.9 whatever) in an attempt to get longer exposure times to keep the ISO low.
As I was running around a bit I decided to keep the ISO on automatic to save me some set up time,
this worked out fine, the brightness barely fluctuates.
I used ML to aide in white balancing, which was basically impossible as there was a big orange light as the spotlight as the venue is going under some change.
I also used ML for focus peaking, which there did end up some out of focus shots as I used extra test shots which I was still focusing in.
Then I also used ML for the general extra settings, no audio auto gain for the external mic, zero sharpness, a couple of other settings.
I edited this in cinelerra and did some heavy colour grading as the footage just looked orange, so I dipped the shadows into the green.

The main intention was to record that first song, but I got footage of this nice harmonica solo so I blended it together with another shot and quite like it.

General Development / Sending an photo from my camera to my phone
« on: January 16, 2017, 11:50:20 PM »
Does anybody have any ideas for sending a selected image from my camera (550D in this case) to my android phone?

I can think of some sort of external rig using a small computer and bluetooth, I'd have to power it with something and probably have it have its own interface to be able to select which image I want to send. Although I have seen things set up through USB that can control options in the camera, and in turn the options in the camera can control the USB, so maybe a small script of module could be written to control the computer, an extra send button or the like.

Anybody have any other ideas? Less is more :P although if you have some elaborate rube goldberg like electronic set up do share.

Is there anything known about the two other images contained in the CR2/TIFF files? (Obviously not about their existence).
In the sense that, there is the 160x120 jpeg followed by the bigger RGB image that has no white balance applied, all this before the actual RAW image.
Is anything known about how they are made? Is one able to just get a stream of either of these images either with or without moving the shutter?

General Development / Needing RAW images from all/most cameras.
« on: December 21, 2016, 02:50:10 PM »
Hoping some people can help me out with some raw images.
I need raw straight out of the camera and if you can follow these requirements:
 - leave the lens cap on
 - ML turned off (or its features switched off)
 - shoot in M mode
 - have a lens on (any lens)
 - iso 200
 - shutter 1/100
 - aperture 4.0
 - colour neutral
 - WB sun
 - RAW image capture
These don't matter it's just so I can have consistent info in the raw files between the cameras.
Yes it is meant to be a black image.

If you can upload them to a dropbox or google drive and I'll download it.
I'll list some cameras here, then I'll write next to the camera model who uploaded it to show that it has been done and also to show that I have downloaded the file if you then want to remove it.
If the camera is not on the list you can still take the photo and say which one it is, I'm still interested in collecting it.
In the file name, if you can change it to the camera model .CR2 (or whatever extension is on it).

5D mkIIIbudafilms
5D mkIIIlia3101
7DDanne & DeafEyeJedi & Ottoga
650DWalter Schulz
550DItsMeLenny (I own this camera)

If it's already up here I don't particularly need a second one, but thankyou for helping.

Thanks for your help.

Forum and Website / Combine show unread posts and show new replies
« on: December 15, 2015, 03:24:14 AM »
Wondering if the "Show unread posts since last visit." and "Show new replies to your posts." can be mashed into one, with new replies to posts above the unread posts under a different heading, so they're separated but just on the same page.

General Chat / FlexISP
« on: November 02, 2015, 04:33:05 PM »
Just a little something interesting. I believe this is just a concept.
One of the features is essentially the dual ISO

"FlexISP: A Flexible Camera Image Processing Framework"

This is done by the same people who did "High-Quality Computational Imaging Through Simple Lenses" (posted here before)
Which seems to also be part of this FlexISP concept.

General Chat / New camera that doesn't over-expose
« on: September 01, 2015, 03:03:28 PM »

This is a new camera that will allegedly never over expose a photograph.
It works like water raining into a cup :P
But then the water auto levels because of the fluidity of rain and man combined.

I remember using this luma curve kind of thing in ML where it would print out the curve of the light over exposure stops.
It would stop itself down using the shutter speed and print out a green curve on a graph to show how many stops the camera gets.
I think when I used it it was in the don't click me button at the time. It was back when ML iso was introduced, however I still see the graphs used by some of the devs.

This isn't a question of "how do I put ML on a completely unrelated camera?" :P

My mum had a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20, which she spent a bit of money on at the time and was actually quite a good camera (despite the fact that the lense would suck dust into itself which would land on the sensor). She dropped it a few too many times which eventually broke the mechanics of the (leica) lens. On me opening it up I only broke the lens more (but it was already broken beyond repair, I also managed to scratch an element). She now bought a later model which unfortunately takes awful images compared to this one, and they also replaced the switches for buttons which means it always gets bumped and turned on.

Actual question:
Now that I've removed the lens completely, when I switch the camera on it shows the (blurry) image that the sensor picks up for a couple of seconds before the camera disables itself (displaying a white screen with a message) to say that there is a problem with the lens.
I would like to hack this so that I can use the camera without a the but I am unsure as to where I begin. Any help would be appreciated.

Share Your Videos / International Silly Walk Day
« on: January 08, 2015, 06:36:54 AM »
Silly walking begins at 0:37

On a hot Australian day. Featured in this video is Bryan Pike, sweating in his best John Cleese attire. (Just to note; this video is on his youtube channel).

Being dragged into town on such a day, I shot this video on my 550D. I actually grabbed the latest nightly without even testing and it worked absolutely fine.
I went against my usual way of shooting and went complete auto WB and exposure, this was due to the sporadic lighting and location (and knowing this wasn't going to be used for anything professional).
I switched between two lenses, one being the 18 to 55 and the other being the 55 to 250.
Whilst I was mostly on automatic, ML was still put to good use. AGC turned off for recording with a rode stereo mic, unfortunately Bryan (who edited the video) replaced all sound with music :P
I had histograms on to make sure things weren’t too under or over exposed, and focus peaking on as I still had to pull focus, which resulted in lots of blurry shots.
Little things that bug me are the fact that some practice shots were used, hence the shakiness, it's like I’m trying to balance the camera on my head while star jumping.
Also, the video was shot at 50fps, however either youtube or whatever program was used to edit capped it to 25 (and 30fps at 720p... very bizarre), this makes the footage look far more shaky than it was (at least I'm claiming so).

But anyway. Bryan's skills in silly walking are brilliant and hilarious none the less. Enjoy!

Camera-specific Development / Canon 550D / T2i
« on: August 27, 2014, 10:34:21 AM »

Magic Lantern Installation & Updating Guide
Canon EOS 550D/Rebel T2i/Kiss X4

This tutorial is based off my memory of the first time I installed ML (and how I put ML on any new card).
The original tutorial I followed can be found here:

Quick Links
What's Hot!
Before We Begin
Updating Canons Firmware
The First Install
The Second Install
Updating Magic Lantern
Uninstalling Magic Lantern
How to Contribute

Warning! Magic Lantern is not approved nor endorsed by Canon in any way, and using it will probably void your warranty. We are not responsible for any damages to your camera.


--What's HOT!

--Before We Begin (Important Notes)

Please read!! (If you don't read this and you come back later saying your camera won't turn on, then ...)

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged.
  • You will need a SD card reader. (ML can not be copied onto the card via plugging it in through the USB port)
  • You will need a standard SD card, SD / SDHC / SDXC. (Don't use an EyeFi card or similar)
  • Your 550D needs to be running Canon firmware 1.0.9. (instructions below)
  • Never put a card into your camera that has the bootable flag on without autoexec.bin on the card. (this will be explained below)
  • ML does not install onto your camera, it runs off your card and is loaded every time you turn your camera on.
  • The stable release is long outdated. (we will still be using it to install ML though, but updating after)
  • The stable release can still be used however it has no new features. (so it will not have raw recording and the features that you probably want)

--Updating Canons Firmware

If your 550Ds firmware version is not 1.0.9 you will need to update it (this has nothing to do with the Magic Lantern firmware version, this is the Canon firmware).

Checking the version:
Put your camera in "M" and switch it on (or switch it on first then put it to M, either way).
Press the "menu" button on your camera (top left).
Press the left arrow until you come to the 2nd last menu, this should be a spanner looking item with 3 dots.
The bottom label should say "Firmware Ver." followed by some numbers.
If your numbers are anything but "1.0.9" you will need to upgrade (or downgrade) to 1.0.9.
(A downgrade would not be necessary as of yet as there is no newer firmware released by Canon).

Updating the firmware: (if your firmware is not 1.0.9)
Canon provides a tutorial for this. Go to:
and follow the instructions.
If you can't access the link (if it is region blocked or similar) go to google and search "Canon 550D firmware" and look for a link that comes from a .canon. site.

When you're updated to 1.0.9 you can continue to the next step.

--The First Install (first-time installation - for a camera that has never had ML on it)

This process should only be performed once (for each camera, if you have used ML before on the camera you are using then jump below to "The Second Install".).
The original tutorial can be found here:

Format the card from the camera.
Make sure you are running Canon firmware 1.0.9.
Copy ML files on the card and run Firmware Update.
After installation, copy your ROM files (ML/LOGS on the card) to a safe place.

--The Second Install (installing Magic Lantern on other cards - for a camera that has run ML before)

Card Set-Up:
Get your new (or old) SD card and insert it into your camera.
Format the card in camera using a low level format (this will erase all content on the SD card).
Download EOSCard (windows/mac) or (linux). [links above]
... (brb)...

--Updating Magic Lantern (getting the latest features and fixes - for a camera that is running ML)

Updating ML is a simple process.
First go to and download the latest build by clicking on the drop-down box and selecting "550D.109".
Turn your camera off, take out the SD card, and insert it into your computers SD card reader.
Delete the "autoexec.bin" file and the "ML" folder off of the SD card.
Now all you have to do is copy the new "autoexec.bin" file and the "ML" folder from your download across to the card, overwriting the old files.
(The download comes in a .zip folder, these can usually just be opened normally, otherwise you may have to 'extract' the files, this is usually done simply by right clicking and selecting extract.)
Put the card back in the camera and turn it on.

If a feature you previously used in ML is not functioning as normal, either revert to the older nightly build you had on your camera, or go back to the download page and click "Show Older Builds" and choose one from yesterday or the day before.
The majority of times the nightly builds are stable and it is rare that features break, if they do they are usually fixed within a couple of days (if not a day).

If the nightly builds page is not working for you, try again the next day.

If builds say that they have failed, click "Show Older Builds" and choose the most recent build that has not failed.

--Uninstalling Magic Lantern

Booting Without ML  (is a simple process).
If you want to boot your camera without ML, all you have to do is hold down the "SET" button while switching your camera "ON".

Un-installing ML (is a simple process).
It is not enough to simply delete ML off of your SD card, this will leave the bootflag on your card set and can potentially brick your camera (when booting from a card that has the bootflag set but no 'autoexec.bin' file).
If you want to completely un-install ML, all you have to do is turn your camera on, press the "MENU" button, find "Format" in the 'first tool' menu.
In format, see that "Low level format" is ticked by pressing the "delete" button, and select ok.
Be warned, formatting erases (deletes) everything on your card including all your pictures and videos, make sure you have taken them off your card first.

--FAQs (such as: I can't seeee raw recording in movie menu, heeeeeelp plzzzzzz!!!)

For all general Magic Lantern FAQs see this link:

--What is "ML"?
It is an abbreviation for "Magic Lantern"

--How do I install ML on other cameras? (Such as my Somy 72m, Nicone a001, Olympics 7z1, etc)
For starters the camera has to be a supported Canon EOS camera. (ML does not run on Sony, Nikon, Pentax, Barbie cameras, etc etc)
The process for most cameras (particularly the cameras that were originally supported under the version 2.3 of ML) is generally the same,
however you must make sure your cameras firmware matches the firmware that ML requires,
and that if you do need to update your cameras firmware to match that you use the Canon firmware that matches your camera.
For relevant instructions to your camera you should find the specific cameras thread in the camera specific discussion board.

--Explain the boot flag thingy again!?
There are two bootflags; the Canon Camera bootflag, and the SD card bootflag.
The Camera bootflag only gets set once. When you buy your camera it is set to 0 (off), when installing ML for the first time (using ML's .fir file) it sets the bootflag to 1 (on). This allows SD cards which have the bootflag set to run the "autoexec.bin" file when the camera is turned on.
The SD bootflag is removed when formatting the card. The SD card comes without a bootflag. The bootflag is written into the card header (something like that, I don't know the technicalities) into a specific location (using a separate program that can write a Canon/ML bootflag). There are many different bootflags that can be written into an SD card that are not compatible with Canon cameras, so the result will be that ML does not run.
To set the bootflag on the SD card one needs "EOScard" (see links above).

--How does I Raw recording?!?!!1!
Provided you have followed this tutorial all the way (that is including the update to the nightly builds), you must then go into the ML menu,
then into the "modules" menu, there you can enable "raw_rec" or "mlv_rec" to record raw video. Then after restarting your camera you should find raw recording in the movie menu.
raw_rec: is the old original raw video recording format
mlv_rec: is the new raw video recording format which can contain more metadata
Sometimes better performance is achieved from the old format, the only way to truly know is to experiment yourself with it.

--I can only record video up to "1728x1156" resolution.
I can only agree with this statement. That is a limitation of the 550D.
See this google docs link:

--My pictures/raws come out looking interlaced (they have lots of lines through them).
You have enabled "dual_iso", go into the modules menu and turn it off.

--My video is all flashy (every 2nd frame is bright).
You have enabled HDR video, go into the movie menu and turn it off.
HDR video is not raw recording (although can be used in conjunction with raw recording, but not in the case that you are after).

--The latest build is not working correctly for me.
See "Updating Magic Lantern" above.

--How to Contribute (and help progress of the 550D port of ML)

Register Maps need your support! A clean database is being made of the register maps and they need to be convert from the wikia.
550D has its own register map page and this needs to be converted into the new format.

--Credits (people who have contributed to this post)

ItsMeLenny: majority of post by
Audionut: contents hyperlinking
dmilligan: what's hot bits

IM me if I've missed you

Forum and Website / ML-Bot is a pain in the IRC
« on: August 08, 2014, 01:42:19 PM »
Pretty self explanatory.

ML-Bot is ignorant and floods the IRC channel.

General Help Q&A / Understanding bayer, pixel res, and debayering.
« on: June 01, 2014, 07:02:09 AM »
Whilst I do have some knowledge on the subject, I am just trying to wrap my head around some last bits of understanding for that ahhhh moment.

Here is my example bayer pattern:

I'll get back to it.
When a sensor (such as 550D) is said to have a resolution of 5184×3456, is this the amount of pixels of different colours?
As a resolution that size does result in jpeg images that size, or is this all due to the way it debayers.

So would the above bayer pattern have a resolution of:
A) 6x4
B) 3x2 (grouping in 4s)
C) 5x3 (weird debayering which I think is happening)

Weird debayering example:
(Grouping of 'sensels' from my example bayer pattern above.)

Resulting in one less pixel each way because of the half a pixel on each end.

Or am I totally confused on everything.

The reason I ask also is to do with raw video; when recording 960x540 I was originally under the impression it would record 1920x1080 pixels (black and white of each bayered colour - if you get what I mean).

General Chat / Which feature DON'T you want in ML?
« on: May 18, 2014, 02:02:58 PM »
I'm not a developer, just a long time user, and I've been around the forums a bit.
This is my poll to see which feature you'd never like to see in Magic Lantern.
None of these suggested features are being added (at least not to my knowledge).
And some of them aren't even possible (at least not without extreme modification).
But this is where you can vote for your least favourite.

Forum and Website / ML icons (as emoticons?) in forums
« on: April 19, 2014, 06:15:22 AM »
It'd be helpful for explaining menus and such to people if there was some sort of Magic Lantern emoticons in the forums here.
Either emoticons or some other way to embed standard (small) images (that would be hosted on ML) with a click of a button (not with the img tag).
These icons would consist of (but also not limited to):
 - a small ML camera icon
 - the menu icons (audio, expo, overlay, movie, shoot, focus, display, prefs, modules, debug, help, modified)
 - the green and greyed out squares and circles (enabled and disabled icon indicators) (and any other type of indicator)
 - any other popular ML or menu icons

General Chat / Axiom Apertus decides the openness of their camera.
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:57:06 AM »
I found this news interesting and happy to hear.

Our motto has always been: “As open as possible, as closed as necessary”. The apertus° core team (apertus° association board of directors and apertus° company representatives) have recently met up in a virtual boardroom, with the intention of not leaving until a decision had been reached regarding “how closed is actually necessary”.

For those interested in their camera, and interested in open source cameras, I am sure you will be happy with their decision.

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