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Share Your Videos / Preview of 'Sometimes Why' by TranceRant Visuals
« on: July 11, 2015, 11:37:35 AM »
Well, we are finally able to publish some preview material from our upcoming release 'Sometimes Why'. Take a peek if you want something strange and funny to watch. These are unofficial pre release versions that have warts and issues, but I have to start making deadlines at some point. All video was shot on 2 600Ds running ML v2.3 and later nightly builds. I used a myriad of the ML functionality that make these cameras much more usable for video. Used old school Olympus OM lenses (28mm, 50mm) and Canon EFS (10-22mm, 55-250mm). Tell me what sucks or is great about it. I think I already know what sucks about it but maybe you can enlighten me. I am ready for feedback from viewers. Be that viewer. Leave me feedback or critique. Be the first on your block to say. "I've seen it... and it kinda sucked."

There are two choice selections for you:

KCUF Skutch's News Leader
Video not available

The Hoard
Video not available

I thank you in advance.

Preview period has ended. Videos are no longer available. Ironic understatement of the day..."Thanks for all of your comments."

General Chat / Seeking opinions on Red Giant Shooters Suite
« on: May 13, 2015, 08:36:41 PM »
I am considering the Shooters Suite from Red Giant, mainly for Plural Eyes, Denoiser, Instant 4k and Frames products. I would love to hear back from anyone who has used these apps, particularly any problems or downsides. The marketing material, of course sounds great, but first hand info from  an actual user is what I am looking for.

Also interested in anyone who has used Red Giant Trapcode Particular.

I will be downloading trials of these later this week so I will get some hands on over the weekend.
Thanks for reading and contributing.

General Chat / low res, high speed. LG G3 shoots 720p@120fps
« on: March 15, 2015, 08:54:24 AM »
I was checking out my wife's new phone, the LG G3 and it can shoot ~120fps @ 720p. Granted it will only output cell phone quality but for experimentation it looks like fun.The video looks good when viewed on the phone but get it into your NLE and you can see the issues. Forget about upscaling, becuz the 720 footage looks crappy enough on its own. If you are producing content for phone or web it might look ok. Slo-mo of the dogs bouncing around was pretty fun. Anyway, there is my thought of the day.

Hey Gang,
Asking about post workflow around here is pretty RAW-centric these days but this is not related to RAW video.
I am hoping that someone here has had experience working on h.264 footage on Premiere v6, After Effects v6 and Resolve 11 (free) as part of their workflow. I am preparing to begin editing footage and I am trying to sort out my options. I need to do the rough and final edits and synch audio in premiere, do post effects in after effects and then use Resolve to do color correction and other tweaks for the overall look.
I am new to resolve but have found it to be really nice to work with so far. I downloaded it last week and crammed thru a bunch of training videos. I have done plenty of editing, post effects and color correction working between AFX and Premiere but I am trying to figure out how to integrate Resolve into the workflow. I am sure to sort it out be myself over the next week or so but if anyone has tips, suggestions or real world experience with a similar workflow challenge I would appreciate your input.
My research so far has led me believe that I can export EDL (along with the clips) from Premiere to Resolve but then getting anything back and forth between Resolve and After effects is pretty much doing hi res output. Not exactly ideal.

I have tons of green screen to remove and lots of post effects, 2d and 3ds graphics and animation as well to integrate into the final cut so I have much work to do. My original plan did not include Resolve so I can easily drop it from the mix but I really liked the ui and capability in Resolve so I am considering using it for this project. Thanks for your help.

General Chat / GH4 mucking up my decision
« on: July 08, 2014, 11:33:38 PM »
I was looking at getting a video cam (canon AX20) in the under 2000$ usd and I came across the panasonic lumix GH4 which is 4/3 and in the price range with lots of yummy specs and cheaper that AX20. (Could buy a lens or two with the diff) I can use adapters for my current lens collection. It is DSLR form factor which is not my initial form factor choice but the specs are making me consider this as a choice. Anyone care to talk me out of buying a GH4 as my primary video camera instead of going with AX20 or similiar? My research is not complete so I would love to hear from anyone who has used either or both cameras. Or just has an opinion either way. My 600D work horses will still be in play as secondary cams. Dont actually have the cash right now so purchase will be later this year.

General Chat / Low Skill shooters slowing down production
« on: July 08, 2014, 03:20:18 AM »
I am producing six half hour episodes of live action comedy and I have found that it is asking too much to have no and low skill shooters understand framing, composition, safe zones and exposure, let alone deal with on the fly focus, and any ML bells and whistles. Too many shots get discarded and require reshooting It is a struggle to impart artistic and technical aesthetics to the uninitiated, untrained people that I am very grateful to have help me. I think I am going to have to create a crash course for my peeps so that I can get them to understand these concepts and have the technical confidence to manipulate the cameras effectively. The best laid plans often pave a path to hell. I hope it goes well. None of these folks are being paid money, so there's that upside and downside combined. Anyone here had to deal with this issue? Makes me appreciate the skills I have and motivates me to seek skilled cam people locally thru art organizations or something. Hit the pavement and talk to some people is in order, I guess. No one else around to rant about this to, so i thought I would vent it right here for you fine people. I already feel better so I wont start on the difficulty of direction/setup/makeup/lighting/logistics and everything else and then be able to get into a proper place for doing a performance. Doing that switch from 'making sure everything is ready to go guy' to 'calm, motivated performer' is a bitch and i'm still working to be able to make that transition short and effective.

General Chat / Light contamination from viewfinder!
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:56:00 AM »
I rarely use the viewfinder and to block light entering thru the viewfinder. I implemented a simple solution that is permanent until you don't want it. With paper and scissors one can cut a small strip of opaque paper large enough to fit snuggly when folded in half and placed in the removable eyepiece with the fold facing down. Simple and works. You can easily remove it anytime, if needed. This is a beginners hack of a Canon DSLR.[emoji12] No bootflag modifications needed.

General Chat / Variable ND filters
« on: June 02, 2014, 07:07:24 PM »
Anyone have experience with variable neutral density filters? Sunny days are killing my brights. even at 100 ISO. I am trying to decide whether I go with sets of fixed density or variable. Variable sounds great, less filters to buy, less filters to carry and less fiddling with the cam to deal with super bright days. I need several sizes to cover my glass collection so I am leaning towards variable but would like any input about caveats or other aspects I should consider before I buy variable ND filters. Thanks.

General Chat / Hey Everyone. Fell off the Earth and now I'm back
« on: March 01, 2014, 07:22:51 AM »
Been using since 2.3 come out. Just a shout out to the ML crowd. I just downloaded and am running  a recent nightly build. Did a focus stack today that  turned out great. It was really just a test but was so impressed with the ease of execution that I had to login and say that I HEART Magic Lantern. Shooting with nifty 50 @ f2 shooting an orchid and thought "I should do a focus stack to get the flower in the back and the one in the front both in focus". Sure I can manually focus a stack but why worry when ML will do it for me and with precision. Auto Blend in PS and wow, lovely deep DOF image is produced.  Have not been here for months and I get back to read about RAW video across the Canon DSLRs. You guys are amazing. I know it is boring to hear someone praise focus stacking so I will quickly list the "cant do without" features... focus peak, zebras, Auto WB, Overlays, and several others I can't seem to list but I have come to expect on my Canons.  I would be lost if I hit the Delete button and no ML was there. Cheers and keep up the good work.

Share Your Photos / "Army Men" series. Lens "whacked"
« on: December 19, 2012, 11:47:33 PM »
I shot these recently experimenting with the primes I have collected over the years. I used an olympus 50mm 1.4 (you could kill someone with this thing, it is very heavy) for these images. Obviously this lens wont mount on my 600D so I set my lens on the table in front of my open 600D. The "benefit" of this configuration is flare and narrow focal plane. Moving and rotating the lens to compose and focus the images. The downside is flare and narrow focal plane and more importantly that you expose the cam sensor to contaminants since the cam is open with no attached lens.

ML - focus peak, zebras, key shortcuts, Exp override.

I was pleased with the results and thought I would share.  Please check them out here and as always and comments or questions are appreciated. Enjoy.

BTW why cant I figure out how to post a thumbnail. I even made a reduced version just for that purpose. Someone please clue me in.

There are 3 posts that anyone who uses ML should read. They were posted in late summer 2012 by bart and I think they give excellent instruction on some key features.

You can view them from the Home page and there are links to each there. Also they can be seen in the forum Article Discussions.

There are articles for vectorscope, fast op with shortcuts, new fast zebras. You can and should be using these features whether shooting video or photo or at least know they are there and know how to use them. If you have already read them, go read them again.             




For those of you out there that have installed but not yet read any of the documentation. READ IT and you will be much happier, much sooner with your decision to use ML on your expensive Canon camera. The manuals are included and can be read on your LV screen. No computer needed, but reading glasses may be required for old people like me. Also ML provides on-screen LV feedback to the user, such as comments and color changes to guide you when you get confused. (We have all been there.)
Happy Shooting!

Share Your Photos / Birds-Motion Detect - Frame Diff - Trigger 8 and above
« on: December 04, 2012, 07:36:25 PM »
Here are samples of motion detect images that ML captured using my 600D. Southern Colorado near Pueblo. Lots of cacti and scrub brush where I was staying at an off the grid cabin where my friends live. Setup to capture birds drinking in their bird bath and got some interesting images. Here are a couple that show common Robins, a thrush.

Comical Robins

A crowd

EDIT:Added one more...

A Flicker (woodpecker)

Feature Requests / Rack Focus - More than one focus rack?
« on: November 26, 2012, 07:52:18 PM »
I could not find any discussions or requests for this rack focus modification. Would it be possible to allow more than one configuration of  focus start/end points for rack focus? Maybe break out rack focus menu to allow to choose 1,2 or 3 rack focus setups and then config each setup start/end point with ability to set a delay between each rack focus action. This could be used for a complex shot to hit sharp focus as an actor hits their mark, moves to a new mark and still end up with sharp focus on actor and then allow focus on addl feature or actor as the shot continues.

For what I described above, say for a 2 rack focus setup the second rack start point would be the first rack focus end point.

The options would be something like this

# of racks

rack 1 start/end points with existing delay and step setup
 -delay between rack 1 and rack 2 actions

rack 2 start/end points with existing delay and step setup
-delay between rack 2 and rack 3 actions

rack 3 start/end points with existing delay and step setup

Lots of great info on recording audio, mikes, concepts, etc.

General Chat / In-depth Canon lens information
« on: September 21, 2012, 07:44:32 PM »
I found this page to have a wide variety of info regarding Canon lenses and thought it would be a value to forum members.

User Introduction / North America - USA - Aurora, Colorado
« on: August 03, 2012, 11:22:12 PM »
I'm a software performance tester living in Aurora, Colorado with a long history of 35mm photography.  Transitioned to digital point and shoot, which was unsatisfying at best, and then finally dropped for a 600D last year and fell in love. Me and my 600D happy as could be, and then I find ML. Oh my, a menage-a-trois, with no jealousy, emotional distress or embarassment.
Im there.

Anyone here live in CO or Denver metro area?

Peace, Out folks

For fans of Hailku...Here is a Magic Lantern Haiku.

Oh Magic Lantern
You make my Canon better
I cant stop smiling

I thought I would share this just to make sure that everybody is benefiting from this preference setting. Like many of the options in ML, Prefs>LV Display Presets opens a new world of goodness when you understand what it actual does for you. Set this option to allow you view up to 4 unique LiveView display settings that can be cycled thru using the INFO button (600D).
This example is for demo purposes on a 600D. Setup each preset with your preference.

ML Prefs>LV Display Presets
Set the value to 2 (4 is max value)
Jump over to Overlay menu in ML
Set Zebras ON
Set Vectorscope ON
Go to Global Draw
At Global Draw setting notice the little Q
Hit Q - Now you are in the second display prefs preset
Set Magic Zoom to ON
Set Crop Marks to ON (also can setup whether to display cropmarks in PLAY mode here)
In LiveView toggle between LV Display Presets using the INFO button

Make sure you pay attention to which display preset you are using and when editing each display preset. (0-3)
You can setup 4 display prefs as you see fit. Immediately go to your camera and start using this great feature.

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