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I haven't installed ML yet because I haven't bought a card reader yet, but I'm about to.
I'd like to know if ML also enables 60p recording on 5D2 when not recording in RAW? Is this enabled in the stable ML, or in the nightly builds? Or not at all?

(I searched the forums but came up with nothing.)

General Help Q&A / 5d ii RAW video: Questions
« on: December 31, 2013, 05:56:10 AM »
I'm waiting for my 5dii to arrive in the mail. I plan on upgrading to 5d iii later on, but for now I'll be using the mkII. I want to do PP in Linux. I have read the FAQ and I have a few questions:

1. The resolution limit for continuous shooting for 5d ii is 1880x940, correct? What is the time limit and can it be expanded?
2. What is the most reliable, fastest CF card that will be the best for RAW recording? Lexar 1000x it is!
3. What's the bit depth of the ML raw video? 14?
4. Does ML do automatic file splitting (and does it work?) for 5d ii to overcome the 4GB limit, or only for mk iii?
5. I don't own any commercial programs (not at the moment, anyway). What is the easiest workflow for me? I have linux, cinelerra, kino, rawtherapee, and lots of codecs. rawtherapee can do batch processing of raw files. I've imported image sequences to video editors before, but never with raw files. Do cinelerra and Kino support importing DNG image sequences? I will check this later when I take out my current camera and produce some DNGs
6. Apparently ML needs to be installed from a 32GB card or smaller. Will it work after the first install from bigger cards? This would be good to know, but switching 32GB cards is also a way to go.
7. Anything (known bugs, known bad ideas) I should avoid to minimize the risk of bricking my camera?

Thank you in advance.

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