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Just in case someone else would like to make use of the Magic Latern XMP sidecar files generated with the brilliant ETTR feature with some free software only:

As I've found RawTherapee being anything but a bad candidate for RAW processing, I've tried to figure out a way to use it together with the Magic Latern's XMP sidecar files.

And I'd say I've created a working solution:


java -Xmx800M -jar xmpExposure2pp3.jar multiplyValue prototype.pp3 imagePath

  xmpExposure2pp3 looks for *.xmp files in imagePath and inserts the crs:Exposure2012 value
  from these after multiplying it with multiplyValue into a copy of prototype.pp3
  multiplyValue is anglo-am style value eg. 1.25; multiplyValue = 0 -> just show the xmp values
  prototype.pp3 needs to be full path to file

  java -Xmx800M -jar xmpExposure2pp3.jar 0.8 /Users/MeMyselfAndI/Desktop/testPix/TL_2015_04/IMG_0123.CR2.pp3 /Users/MeMyselfAndI/Desktop/testPix/TL_2015_04

prototype.pp3 should be generated with RawTherapee on a carefully selected image (usually either the 1st, last or center image) of the time-lapse sequence to set all the other desired image processing properties (it will then be generated automatically by RawTherapee next to the raw image file as soon as the raw settings were tweaked in RawTherapee). After that RawTherapee should be quitted before xmpExposure2pp3 is run. If RawTherapee crashes at the next launch of creating the new *.pp3 files (had that naughty one on Mac OS X for whatever reason) the remedy is to overwrite with the one in the installer RawTherapee*.dmg.

After xmpExposure2pp3 was run, you can start RawTherapee again and open the folder containing the timelapse image sequence, select them all, add them to the batch and export them with the exposure / deflicker compensation set individually per image.

This program is provided ┬┤as is┬┤ without any warranties and obligations.
Please note that you will use it completely at your own risk.

And here comes the link: