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Duplicate Questions / 8 bit Raw recording to acomplish 50fps?
« on: February 16, 2017, 10:04:33 AM »
I'm really excited for the continuos developement of Magic Lantern, and especially the last 10-12 bit and crop mode features. I'm really grateful for this.
For me (and sure for more people) 1080p is all I need (mostly web destination works), but allways hopping for a 50fps solution for slowmo. Now, thanks to all developers we have two options to get 50fps: squeezed one and the newer 3x3 binning. Both have his pros and cons.

I guess if getting 8bit recording, datarate can go down enought to get 1080p50 raw. I know you loose the benefits of 10-12-14 bit for post, but to have 50p without sqeezing and pixel binning will be a 3rd option...(?)

Maybe I'm totally wrong and datarate is not the only problem. In this case feel free to delete this post if you want.

Thank you very much.

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