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I have a 128GB 1066x card which I use to record MLV Raw plus audio. I am able to record until the card fills up in one take when I set EXFAT mode enabled in Magic Lantern firmware. If I were to purchase a 256GB Card would that fill up the card on one take without stopping for any reason? I just wanted to check before I purchase one. Anyone have any experience with this?


I am getting this message when trying record one continuous clip on a 64GB card: "Failed to create file. Card full?"  I get this error at around 40gb or 10 minutes. The camera locks up and I have to force the restart. Is this a known issue? I am having this problem with mlv-rec on my 7D.203 and 5D3.113.

Anyone have the same problem or know if any setting to change to resolve the issue?
Forum and Website / Subscribe to a Thread?
December 23, 2013, 06:23:20 AM
Is there a way to subscribe to a thread? I would love to be notified when certain threads are updated, but I haven't see a function on this forum. Am I just missing something or is there not function?