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Running one of rdc's newer builds, with

haven't had any huge problems so far, not sure what was different this time. It was casual/fun stuff, nothing of huge consequence, but if anyone with savvy wants to take a look feel free, and much appreciated:

Nothing too fancy, but I really enjoyed being able to walk around with a just 50mm and zoom in for some detail. I do regret, however, that I forgot that the standard full-frame mode doesn't work on that build so only half my shots turned out!

Anyway, check it out!
Hi everyone!  I come from a background of taking videos all the time with my friends, but it's been a few years since I've made one!

I use magic lantern on my 5d2.

Check it out!
General Help Q&A / Bright Frames on 5dmark II
April 07, 2017, 09:56:28 PM
Hi everyone, happy Friday.

I have a recurring issue with my 5D2 - it's happened periodically for the past year or so - updating ML doesn't seem to have an effect on its frequency.

Basically, with no seeming pattern I'm getting a brief flash of a mostly-white bright frame while I take 8bit video.  Sometimes it happens frequently in the same video, sometimes it doesn't happen at all.

My gut says it's something weird with my sensor, anyone have a clue?  I have a big shoot tomorrow and I'd love to not have to deal with it.

General Chat / Running CR2HDR on Android?
December 24, 2016, 05:12:17 PM
Hi everyone!

Is it possible to run something like CR2HDR on Android to convert a single Dual-ISO CR2 to DNG?

I'm going on a long tour and trying to use only my Phone to manage my data. Anyone have any insight on the viability/difficulty of executing this idea?
Hello, lovely people.

I recently acquired a BG-E6 battery grip for my 5d Mark II, which happened to have the experimental DUAL-ISO video module people have been working on lately installed.

The battery grip, though new and unused, has not been working perfectly.  I find that it's frequently cutting power to my camera, and also disabling the function of my primary shutter.  This may be completely unrelated, or it may be the cause of my first "Bricking" experience.

To get to the point, I received the Blue Bricking screen.  It said that it successfully dumped the ROM and that my camera was bricked.  Taking the battery grip off, and re-installing my battery fixed the issue.  Temporarily.  The camera gave me the blue screen a few hours later.

Perhaps my case is not bad, or perhaps I don't quite understand bricking.  My understanding was that Bricking rendered the camera unusable, but in my case it seems to function fine after reinstalling the battery.  Did I just have a "near-brick" experience, or is bricking a periodic issue like I'm experiencing?

I'm at work at can't try it now, but should my first step to be to remove the experimental DUAL-ISO module and try a more stable version of ML?  Thanks for any help you can offer.
I seem to remember a module for Dual Iso Raw Rec. Was it MLV or the original RAW? Am I just doing something wrong? I have the January 24th nightly build for my 5dii and I haven't been able to figure out raw dualiso video.