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General Chat / Audio settings for rode videomic original
« on: March 18, 2014, 11:23:40 PM »
Hi guys,

I have a question about rode videomic (not the pro version just the older original). There are hundreds of form posts out there for the pro but I am struggling to find info on settings for the original. I know I am a bit screwed because the original doesn't have the +20 setting. But I still want to know what I can do to maximize my audio. Rightnow here is what I was thinking I should do. Set camera (canon 60d) sound recording to manual and turn the level all the way to the left then slowly bump it up until I get acceptable audio levels?

But what about within magic lantern?
Analog gain - 20db?
Input source - auto int/ext?
Wind filter - off
Mic power - on (low z)
AGC - off

Do these settings seem okay?

Thank you in advance!

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