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Post-processing Workflow / Please help! Trouble 5Dmk3 files format
« on: October 16, 2014, 08:43:55 PM »

First of all many thanks for reading my question!!!
I'm a new user of the ML.

I have the 5Dmk3 with the firmware 1.2.3
I successfully install the last version (august 2014) but I have some trouble with the files format.

On the first day everything was working well but since today the files I get, shooting in Video Raw (1920x1080) are for example:


But not anymore ".RAW" files.

How can I solve this trouble?
THe MLV files are editable?

Yesterday I was using easily Magic Raw for OsX for decodding the ".Raw" files but today I can't found anymore this kind of files on my CF card when I'm shooting.

Could you please me help?
An important trip shooting is coming... :o :o :o

Many thanks,

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