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For this I would like to include the sorter scene in Revolver

I know a lot is done in editing. But I was wondering since digital dolly is already in MLV/RAW, if it can be moving with a constant speed. Where the joystick is only for changing the course of the dolly.
Kinda like snake on the nokia.

It's not a lifesaving request: in two weeks im gonna shoot with this effect and crop digital dolly in post. This would be a awesome feature especially with the 5d3 with a 45mm TS.

Thanks and if its not possible also thanks.

Hello folks,

1: can the picturestyle be modified incamera?

If so:


1 editing the gamma curve in camera like a equalizer.
2 a sort of ettr but specific to gamma points:
If the gamma point doesn't receive enough info it moves away by increasing of decreasing value etc

Thanks by advance

Hello guys,

since raw is possible its quite quiet around picture styles. Since I always have time to do "pre-grading" (shooting a cr2 on set, making a custom picture style and upload it in the camera. After that dial contrast or saturation to my like) I wondered if the following is possible:

With a custom button ( i suggest the dof preview button because it is not used in movie mode) as a hold button to trigger the RYB model which can be adjusted with the joystick on the 5d3 or something else.

Usefull or not? Can it be achieved?

Share Your Videos / First videoclip shot on 5d3 with ml and 550d with ml
« on: February 09, 2014, 06:06:45 PM »
Hello everyone,

A friend and I are both actors who were sick of waiting for a audition.
So we started a company to produce ourselves.
First project was a  video for a song.
I wrote a story to it, and asked the cast.
The friend of My, did the production Side and I did the directing.
Inspired by Russian film noir, a lil bit of expressionism I tried to work with As Much silhouette As possible. First shooting day we used a 550d of mine and because raw was not possible in normal resolution I made a custom picture style because i knew we didnt have grading head room.

The second shooting day i rented a 5d3 and ended up loving it so Much i bought one before the third and last shooting day. The cameraman warned me constantly that the iso was too high but i rather had the iso cranked up than spending a lot of money just to fill up the scene to get the same results minus noise.

The positive Side about being a Actor for 7 years is that you can ask the Actor you want and you can direct someone with less words.
The whole project costed 600 euro's: food on set, fuel costs for the actors and the one day renting the camera.

Hello folks,

when using the MLV_rec module the card spanning option doesn't work anymore(did so a month ago)
From 1080p30 and up it's quite useful.

Tried the following:
Format the two cards to exfat
Format the two cards to fat32
Turn off CF only buffer, and cf only 1 etc
Tried the 4 buffer methods and off
-Varied record func+card/folder sel. from the Canon menu

When benchmarking CF+SD write from the debug Magiclantern menu both cards are working.
When putting mlv_rec on test mode it doesnt work( gives a avarage from the 2 cards, and with sd being idle it lower than cf only)

Anyone got a clue?

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