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Raw Video Postprocessing / Speeding up ACR workflow
November 29, 2013, 02:15:34 PM
Hi guys (and gals?)

Been working with Resolve to output ProRes from my DNGs on some projects now, and quite happy with that. I think its the most speedy way of doing this as of now.

You people doing the ACR workflow, are you actually transcoding several shooting days like this? I might have missed some automation steps, but you are opening every shot in AFX with ACR import manually and then adding all the comps to AFX prores render? Its sooooo time consuming, right? What am I missing?

What exact workflow do people use when they load their footage into after effects, for premiere editing. Export file by file to prores4444 (send to render
Or add all files to a comp (merging files) and export to prores or other format that way?

Im using the Premiere Pro CC and afx, but this verison that the cloud gave me doesnt seem to support DNG natively (as advertised..:/