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I have a hacked 5D Mark III running ML with RAW etc. without any trouble (FW 1.1.3, of course). Many thanks to ML Team!!!

As I am planning to use my camera primarily for photography during the next few months, I would like to profit from the "improvements" in Canon's latest FW upgrade 1.2.3 or at least to test, whether there would be any for me.

I know, ML won't run any more after upgrading to FW 1.2.3 and the bootflag set during hacking currently can not be disabled by "normal" users (not a problem for me, as it seemingly does not affect my "boot / wake up time" etc.). Furthermore, I always could downgrade to FW 1.1.3 if intending to use ML again...

So, the question is: Has anybody upgraded a hacked (and bootflag set) 5D Mark III to a newer Canon FW, yet ? Besides the fact, that ML will not run any more - are there any "side effects" / risks to be feared ?

Thank you!


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