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Hi all!

My name is Jossef and i'm a c++ developer, i would like to discuss about the possibility of a feature development i came up with.

The most common use case of HDR photography is to take something like 3 different shots and merging them afterwards.

the problem is this technique is based on different shots (each exposure begins from zero) and i find it not suitable / optimal for best result of moving objects (water waves, animals, driving vehicles etc... ).

i thought about a solution and i would like to share it and find out if the implementation is possible over Magic Lantern's code:

For this use case example, the total exposure time is 3 seconds and the camera sensor will capture without a break for 3 seconds. this is the desired sensor dump timeline:

    second 0 : start capuring
    second 1 : first sensor dump - hard light exposure while continue to capture and appending light
    second 2 : second sensor dump - mid light exposure while continue to capture and appending light
    second 3 : third sensor dump - dark light exposure and stopping capture

at the end we will have 3 files for the entire 3 seconds

In other words,
    is it possible to get a sensor dump while the sensor is capturing?
    is it possible to capture without erasing the previews sensor data?


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