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Although there are many topics on this subject, and since this is a frequently asked question on the forum, I tried to answer it for good:

Canon T5i ( 700D ) is a good camera, and many people try to use it these days for live streaming, as a "good webcam", using it´s HDMI output in capture cards ( Or canon software ) in OBS, Wirecast or these kind of softwares. The problem is that, like many other Canon DSLR cameras, it has a timer which turns off liveview automatically after 30 minutes, forcing a person to turn it on again and again, or pressing the half shutter button from time to time, which is annoying.

Magic Lantern is a software which once installed on canon cameras, give a wide range of new characteristics, and a friend from the ML forum wrote a code which prevent T5i from turning off automatically liveview after 30 minutes. This fix is called "Lua Fix", and it´s located on the Magic Lantern website, on the top of the page -> Downloads -> Download (dropdown menu) -> Experiments -> Lookup "lua_fix build" for T5i. It works only with the firmware 1.5.1.

Since my firmware was old, and I already use ML, I had to remove ML and do a firmware upgrade to 1.5.1 in order to install this new ML build.

Here´s the links for what you need:

Link for Canon T5i firmware 1.5.1 -
Link for Lua Fix Build for T5i -


Since I already solved, here´s how I did:

- I downloaded firmware 1.5.1 from ML website and unzipped the content into a folder
- I Made a backup of my camera´s card ( With the old ML content in any case... )
- Using a completely charged battery, I uninstalled ML from camera, using the method explained in the guide, where you access on camera´s menu "firmware update" and removed ML ( Read the guide for more instructions ).
- I low format the card in order to remove any trace of old ML files.
- Removed the card from the camera and inserted on a card reader on the computer
- Copied the new firmware file to the card´s root directory
- Put the card on camera and went to the firmware update and updated to latest version 1.5.1
- I low format the card again in order to remove the newly copied firmware file.
- Turned off the camera and carried the card again to the computer
- Copied the content of the folder with the new "Lua Fix" build to the root directory of the card.
- Put the card on camera again and went to upgrade firmware and so, installed the new ML build.
- Restart the camera and went to the Prefs tab -> Powersave in Liveview -> 30-minutes timer set to "Disable"
- That´s all. Now, my T5i no longer turns off automatically in liveview mode after 30 minutes.

Well, I hope this may save much time for other people !

All the best,

Dihelson Mendonça

My Canon T5i runs firmware 1.1.4 and I have ML installed. Everything is fine, unless by the fact that it shuts down live view
after 30 minutes. This is annoying. Reading some posts, I knew that there´s a new ML experiment ( Lua fixed ) which can fix that, but it needs firmware 1.1.5 ( so it seems ). I fear brick my camera. I don´t know the correct steps I need:

- Upgrade firmware first ?? ( If I do that, the current installed Magic Lantern will still work, since it is designed to an old firmware, and camera will boot ? )

- What are the correct steps on doing this upgrade, please ?

Thank you.

Hello, fellows,

After many months, more than a year away from the forum, I came back to know if there´s yet any advancement, or any idea on how to prevent Canon T5i to stop liveview automatically after 30 minutes. I use these cameras for live broadcasts, using the  HDMI output, but having to turn on the cameras every 30 minutes is like a fellow once said "Ain´t that a kick in the head"...So, any tips on how preventing it from doing so in 2017 ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, guys,

There´s an old topic here on ML forum about how to record video for more than 30 minutes, but since the topic is more than 120 days old, the forum suggests that I create a new topic if want to comment, so here we are...

Some people talking about how to get more than 30 minutes videos on Canon cameras, when a person suggested getting an external recorder named "Atomos Ninja" for recording through HDMI output, instead of using the own camera with the limitations we all know ( 30 minutes ). Well, my two cents to this question: You don´t need to rent or purchase an expensive Atomos Ninja to do the task. You only need a laptop or a desktop PC ( which I think most of us already have ), and a USB capture card, like Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle ( There´s two versions, one USB and another Thunderbolt for Mac users ). So, you use your Canon cameras with Magic Latern to remove all overlays on the HDMI output. On Magic Lantern, set to remove overlays on the "Always" position. Then, connect your camera to the USB capture card using a mini HDMI to HDMI cable. Then, connect your capture card to a USB 3.0 port on the computer. Use a capture software, like the one which comes with the capture card. Use ML to remove the 30 minutes auto live vew shut down, by enabling the parameter "sticky halfshutter" located on the MISC tab ( unfortunately, Canon T5i ( 700D ) doesn´t support it yet, but most cameras support. That´s it! Now, you can record video with no limits on most Canon cameras. You can capture sound through an external device like a small Tascam DR-05 or a Zoom H1 audio recorder and merge on any video editor later.

The advantages:

01 - You won´t have any gap by using canon cameras and ML starting the recording over and over.
02 - The cost is minimal because you´re using what you already have.
03 - Image quality is incredible !
04 - You can use this for live streaming to youtube, Facebook and all systems with the greatest possible quality and a minimum price.

The disavantages:

01 - More equipment to transport, but if you need it for churches, shows, live events, this isn´t a problem.
02 - You need to acquire an external capture card like Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle, but it´s not expensive.

That´s it !
If you have any doubt about live streaming using this system, or wish to discuss the matter, or join us on a team to share knowledge about Live Streaming and recording for more than 30 minutes with DSLR, please contact me:

Add me:
Or e-mail:  [email protected]

All feedback is welcomed.

Dihelson Mendonça

My equipment for broadcast and recording videos: Several Canon 5D Mark II, 700D, Panasonic FZ200, Canon SX40
Capture cards: Avermedia, Blackmagic Intensity 4k, Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0
Softwares: Complete Adobe Suite, Sony Vegas, Wirecast, Xplit, and several more.
PCs: Several i7 2600k at 4.8Ghz watercooler, Samsung SSDs, Asus GTX 980ti for video edition.
Other: 4 Logitech C920 webcams used for video streaming. Audio studio, Mackie 32/8 mixer, Focusrite saffire pro 40, Focusrite Octopre, EchoAudio Layla 24, Avalon pre-amps, AKG mics, Tascam Dr-60 and Dr-05 mini audio recorders, Alesis monitor system, etc.

Hello, folks,

There´s a ML parameter called Sticky Shutter that is often used by many people to overcome the "problem" that all canon DSLR have, which shut down the mirror in live view mode after 30 minutes.
I intend to use my cameras ( mostly 5D Mark II and 700D ) for HDMI output and direct streaming, but I´ve seen articles claiming that the own camera shuts down to protect the sensor from high temperatures amd damage, Well...using Magic Lantern, it´s possible to record over 30 minutes. I myself have made many 1 or 2 hours recordings using this facility, but there´s always this question not answered, that using the camera in live view mode, or HDMI out mode, could be risky to damage the sensor, or create hot or dead pixels due to high temperatures ?

BTW, I have another question: My 5D Mark II, when using sticky shutter, displays a red HS inside a box. How could I get rid of this red box, because I want to stream directly from HDMI output ? I have disabled all overlays, which is set to "Always", but this square remains on the screen.

Thanks in advance


Hello, friends,

Excuse me for question about this, I can´t find on this forum the correct answer to 700D sticky halfshutter.
I use 700D mostly for streaming videos, and that 30 minutes limit is driving me crazy !
So, after some research I discovered that the feature  "sticky halfshutter" that normally would be on the PREF menu
would solve it. The problem is that with the latest ML firmware at least, there´s no  sticky halfshutter on the PREF menus or submenu. Am I blind ?
Any help on finding it is welcomed !

Hello, fellows,

This is my first post here after many years. Currently, I am planning to use some Canon T5i and 5D Mark II cameras for live broadcast using live view and preview mode along with softwares like wirecast, or even Xsplit to youtube. I never had plugged an HDMI on my cameras before, and to my surprise, when I did it, expecting I would see the whole 16:9 screen filled with image, No way! With 700D, image is letterbox in any 1080 monitor, it´s just a rectangle in the middle of the screen. Using 5D Mark II, even using Magic Lantern 2.3 the image is blurred upon the rectangle and under it, and cropped on the sides ( black bars ), which anyway transforms usable image into a rectangle also. With magic lantern I got to remove the overlays on preview, but can´t get the image to fill up the whole 16:9 I need to broadcast. If I´m not mistaken, I´ve seen people using these cameras for live broadcast through HDMI, and I haven´t seen any letterbox images on it. What´s happening here ? Is there any way magic lantern could fix this, some parameter I am forgetting to set ? BTW, what´s the HDMI outputs of these cameras on preview mode ? 1080p or 1080i ? I connected to an avermedia 1080i PCI capture card and it worked. Some people say that if you plug an HDMI 1080p into a 1080i will not work, or the contrary, plug a 1080i into a 1080p capture card won´t work, is it true ? I´m deciding what a second and a third card should I purchase in order to connect all of them. Thanks in advance.
Hello, friends,

I installed v2.3 on my 5Dmk2 and I would like to know how to record videos at 720p 30fps ( if it´s possible, since I continue to get only 480p and 1080p, but not 720p ).
For my daily tasks, 720p is better than 1080p, besides the fact that we have that 12min limitation on 1080p which is awful.
It would be amazing if we could record videos at 720p and over 30 minutes without stopping. I often need to work with interviews, so, it would be nice having more than 30 minutes.


Thanks any help

Dihelson Mendonça