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Hi Forum

  We recently added Magic Lantern RAW video support in two of our software products.  We are actively looking for testers and will happily provide temp licenses for any one who wants to try it.  The supported products are:

DrasticPreview allows preview playback for Magic Lantern raw files, converted DNG files as well as a large number of other formats.  It is available for OS-X Intel and Windows 32/64.

MediaReactor Workstation
MediaReactor Workstation is a series of plug ins for Adobe Premiere, Adobe MediaEncoder, Apple Final Cut Pro, Assimilate Scratch/Lab, Avid MediaComposer family and QuickTime.  It allows all these apps, and other apps that use QuickTime, to directly access Magic Lantern raw files at the highest possible quality.  A variety of debayer methods, Cuda and OpenCL acceleration and 16 bit half float support.  It is available for OS-X Intel, Windows 32 and Windows 64.

If anyone is interested in testing or just trying the Magic Lantern support, please download and install the software, generate a site code and request a temporary key from [email protected].  Both these products also run in trial mode with watermarks and length restrictions, it you don't want to bother with a trial.

Comments, criticism, and bug reports welcome!

   I'm new to the forum.  I was wondering if it is OK to announce commercial tools that support the Magic Lantern raw format directly, in this forum.  If so, which is the appropriate sub section to do it in?  I read the rules and did couple of searches, but couldn't find any guidance.

Thanks, James