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I live in NYC and I primarily use ML for it's intervalometer.  I mainly shoot regular timelapses, but I am trying to learn how to shoot day-to-night, astrolapses, etc.  I was wondering if there is any ML users on here from NYC or NJ that knows how to use AutoETTR, deflicker, etc.  I would really like to maybe get some help, either in person or over the phone.  Thanks.
I've been using the nightly builds and had my 600D set on sRaw.  Now it's STUCK on sRaw. 

Every time I go into the Canon menu to try and change the quality, the menu is BLANK -- i.e., I can't see the other format qualities.  This applies to both the Canon and the ML menu.

I tried to uninstall ML from the SD card.  I also re-installed the Canon 1.0.2 firmware.  Nothing works.

Is the camera broken? and is there a solution to fix this problem?
Raw Video / Temperature Icon Blinking Red
January 07, 2014, 03:28:37 PM
I was playing around with my 600D last night, trying to shoot some video clips, and I noticed on the LCD that there is a temperature icon at the top of the LCD.  The icon was green, then orange, and then it was blinking red. 

Should I be concerned about the temperature icon blinking red?  I hope I didn't screw-up my camera by letting the temperature icon blink red for an extended period of time.

Can someone please give me an answer to this?  Thanks.
Raw Video / Magic Lantern Raw Workflow Help
December 24, 2013, 04:23:22 PM
Hi Guys:

I bought Lightroom 5 and Elements 10, and downloaded Divinci Resolve Lite and Microsoft Movie Maker.
I'm shooting raw videos with Magic Lantern and converting the raw file using Raw2DNG.
I can import the DNG files into Lightroom 5 and do my editing, but I'm not sure what to do afterwards.
May of the tutorials on the Internet uses Premiere and After Effects.
Is there a way to use Divinci Resolve Lite and Microsoft Movie Maker to import the DNG files?
HI guys:

I have the [600D] version.  I'm trying to use the RAW feature on my 600D.  My settings are: 

Canon Settings: 640x480; 30fps
Magic Lantern Settings:  Global Draw OFF; FPS override=23.976; RAW video=ON, 960x544

Once I capture a video with these settings, I take the .RAW file and drag&drop it over the RAW2DNG.exe file.  I get a bunch of .DNG files and I import them into Lightroom 5.

But ALL the .DNG pictures that I imported into Lightroom 5 come out really really green.  What am I doing wrong?

Please help, I'm trying to learn how to use ML to shoot RAW video cause I'm going to Japan in 3 months and I really want to make my first video.

Tragic Lantern / Installing [600D]
October 01, 2013, 06:06:03 PM
Hi, I downloaded the [660D] on to my SD card.  I know I need to replace the autoexec.bin file on the SD card with the new one, but what about the ML folder?  In other words, do I replace the old ML folder on my SD card with the new ML folder?  Thanks.

I just joined this forum but have downloaded ML Ver. 2.3 for my 600D/T3i last year. 
Only until now did I have the time to test the video aspect of my DSLR and the features offered by ML ver. 2.3.
While looking up video tutorials, I noticed that other peoples T3i ML has certain options that aren't in my ML version.

For example, I was watching
If you fast forward to 2:45, this tutorial shows the following options: Live view, Exposure, Movie, Shoot, Focus, Display Tweaks, Play, Config, Power, Debug, and Help.

As another example, if you fast forward to 1:26, shows a menu that is very different to my ML ver. 2.3, and it has a lot more features that I don't have in mine.  For instance, audio feature.

However, in my ML ver. 2.3, I do not have the above bolded options.  I have every option except the bolded ones above.
I was wondering whether I download the wrong ML for my 600D/T3i?  Or did a new version of ML come out for the 600D/T3i?
Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.

Also, I saw a tutorial about shooting video in RAW with a 600D/T3i using ML.
I assume that the RAW feature people are using on their 600D/T3i is not part of ML ver. 2.3 right?
I think I read somewhere that this RAW feature is still in the testing phase.
Can someone please confirm this?

Lastly, I'm a beginner to photography and shooting videos with a DSLR.
Can someone please explain to me the difference between shooting in RAW and H.264?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  And thank you to the ML team for making this firmware.  It really increased my interest in shooting photos and videos.