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General Help Q&A / Focus stacking help please
November 09, 2013, 03:51:26 AM
I am trying to master focus stacking, however I am not able to achieve as much as I wish.
I have 60D with nightly from 11/07.

This is what I am able to do:
go to focus menu
-highlight Focus End Point and press Q. This is your 0 (starting point)
-Focus Stacking menu select:
Num pics in Front 1
Num Pics behind 6
Focus Steps/picture 1
- Focus Settings and set
Step size 2
Step delay 50ms
Step wait ON
Start delay 2

This works well, however numbers of pics is set arbitrary and often requires adjusting/running stack again.
I did search forum and youtube and I found this tutorial:
from 2:18
This is done on 5D mk2 with ML from few months ago. What I like is about this tutorial is that end point is set with joystick. Unfortunately this method does not work form me on 60D/recent ML - number of pics is taken from Focus Stacking menu rather than from joystick.

Evidently I am doing something wrong. I would appreciate your help/suggestions.

Thank you
I am shooting stills with AETTR combined with dual-iso as it generates much less noise. I noticed that after shoot aettr keeps iso settings (that are again changed by aettr if needed), however when combined with dual-iso this requires to change base iso for each shot if I want to keep dr.
for example when I set dual iso 100-800 and combine it with aettr in specific light conditions after shoot base iso is set to (e.g.) 400-800 then for the next shoot I have to set base iso again to 100 manually.

I wonder if it is possible to make aettr to the original settings (in this case 100-800) after each shoot?
This option has a value only if aettr is used in combination with dual-iso?

thank you
User Introduction / Hello from L.A.
September 08, 2013, 03:58:02 AM
I installed ML 2.3 just as official release was published but I was watching ML progress for few years. ML 2.3 is seems to me the first version that takes care of still shooters and it is really great. I was planning on getting upgrade for my 60D but it seems that I can wait until price will drop more (planning to get 5dmkiii) and ML version matures.
For now enjoying nightly builds dual-iso, aettr, macro options and still learning ML to use full potential of 60D on steroids.

I am running linux and wondering if you have a manual for lightly compilation on alternative OS?

Thank you for great software.