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User Introduction / Can't wait to hack my new 70D!
« on: September 07, 2013, 12:49:00 AM »
Hey everyone.  I just bought my first Canon DSLR, the new 70D.  I was a Nikon guy, but I felt if I was going to be shooting video on a DSLR, it better be a Canon. 

I'm a broadcast TV engineer, but I started in professional production at 17(those were the VX1000 days). Camera technology has come a long way, but I have been hesitant to jump on the DSLR bandwagon. I saw right away the benefits in quality, but ease of workflow and non ENG style cameras kept me away.  I'm only a day into owning this camera and I can tell I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm curious about one thing, doesn't Canon support the ML community? I know that developers haven't been able to work on the 70D yet because they need to get their hands on one first. I would think that Canon would send them a few. It seems that a lot of people have switched to shooting on Canon DSLR because of ML, so I would think having ML working on it ASAP should be part of their marketing.  Has anyone here ever presented any info to Canon about how many people are using ML?

Anyway, I'm excited to be a new member.  Thanks for reading!

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