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Duplicate Questions / Option to hold SET to boot ML
« on: February 02, 2021, 10:03:24 AM »
I hope it’s okey I add this in this thread, I thought it would be okey as the thread mentions journalism in dangerous countries. And honestly adding it to feature requests section seems like a black hole. But feel free to move it if needed or tell me to.

This is something I thought about for awhile.

On camera startup, by holding SET ML will not boot, could it be possible to make an option in ML to reverse this, so that you need to hold SET to boot ML. This is not encryption perse, but ML in this case functions like the key to play/review the MLV’s.

The case scenario being that the camera is confiscated or you are required to show your contents to an “official” and you have sensitive MLV’s on the camera. Obviously having some “innocent” cr2’s and h264 files on the camera to mask the true contents.

Not sure how Canon reads a SET press at startup without ML booted, perhaps it requires that ML is partially booted.

This is not gonna stop someone from grabbing your Cards and finding out that those 50 pictures on the card somehow take up 90 GB space and “what the f*** is .mlv?”. But as a first line of defence and sweet talking, it can go a long way.

Let me know what you think.

General Help Q&A / Moving files from CF to SD in camera.
« on: December 27, 2017, 10:30:46 PM »
I got myself in the unfortunate situation that my cf card reader is busted.

When I move files to the SD card and if the card happens to become full during the transfer. What happens to the last file being transferred? Does it become corrupted?

I am moving files as i write this, but i am affraid to move too many at a time in case the SD card gets full. Its only 32 gb and the CF is 128.

Also what is the transfer speed? It seems awfully slow.

Is it possible to hack or reverse engineer the standard picture profiles? I never hear any talk about it, but I assume there are lots of people who would like the same, but are the PP's "stuck" in hardware or what is it?

Having only 3 custom profiles, is too low (for my needs) and espscially as its s bit cumbersome to change the profiles. I personally only use the custom profiles and here and there Faithful, as its supposed to be the closest to rec709.

I can understand that it might stress the server or whatever this site is running on, if one searches for only one letter.

But in this case for instance I am searching for "Card Error 2" or "Error 2" in which I am given the message "Each word must be at least two characters long."

Searching for "Card Error" only, gives me lots of results but its 14 pages of errors of every kind, not very narrow. Is there a way to "trick" the 2 in there? I tried "2" and so on..

General Chat / Is Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 a paid update?
« on: July 14, 2016, 02:18:27 PM »
I have Adobe CC. 2014 and 2015. When 2015 came out I didn't have to pay for anything extra.

But with 2015.3 I can only run it as a trial? Is this a paid update?

I tried searching for this on the adobe forum, but that forum is a big mess.. couldn't find anything relative to my search.

Raw Video / 5D3: '' - Increased Playback Speed.
« on: February 19, 2016, 08:49:50 PM »
This is a continuation from this thread:;topicseen#msg162608

This is a tip for 5D3 shooters. The 'raw_twk module', after seeing that it has nothing to do with the Pink Frames I Re-activated it and it is so nice to be able to play the raw/mlv files in camera at a much faster pace, It plays back the MLV files up to 50% Faster when activated.

There are some issues with the raw_twk and you might have to do a battery pull here and there if you forget about the Halfshutter button, but not a biggey really.

So known issues:
 ML Grayscale with raw_twk will cause the Liveview to go in to a frenzy of Horizontal Lines and I think if you stay on it for too long it crashes the camera. ML Grayscale and raw_twk in Crop mode will always crash the camera and you have to do a battery Pull.

Canon Preview with Half Shutter to deactivate ML overlays and 5x Zoom in will crash the camera.

To Bypass all these issues. Set Liveview Preview to Auto, I use Magic Zoom 1:1 and when I want to Punch in 5x or 10x I hold half shutter to remove overlays and Zoom in 5x/10x without any crash, so raw_twk can work for you!

I am not sure if this works for 1.2.3 though! I think it is only 1.1.3

Just a nice tip if you want faster playback for MLV

Raw Video / 5D3: ML Overlay's causing Pink Frames
« on: February 19, 2016, 08:44:09 PM »
Making a new thread about this bug, even though I got this info from this thread: By johansebastianbach.
 So thank you very much Johansebastianbach for putting this out there, it feels very good finally getting rid of Pink Frames.

So to make things more clear I make a new thread focused on the issue and I hope someone of the Developers could take a look in to this.

I have been having pink frames more or less since about March 28th 2015 (If I recall correctly). I say March last year, because I think that was when the DoF info was added to ML builds, which is an amazing addition, but since then I have been struggling a lot with Pink Frames. But this is just a feeling I have about it, that DoF with ML overlays is somehow overloading the CPU and causing the Pink Frames, I am no expert, this is just a hunch I got.

 More or less every single MLV file was having Pink frames randomly. At first I thought the cause of it was the raw_twk module, so I deactivated the module and told myself that the pink frames got better, but in hindsight I see it did not affect anything, Which is very good news! I will make another thread about raw_twk so this thread doesn't go in two directions if people start discussing here a lot.

 After Reading the post I linked, I tried deactivating the Overlay Focus Peaking and since then I have not had any pink frames. So it is definitely a cause of the Pink Frames.

Someone suggests Raw Zebras also cause the Pink Frames, I am not sure about that, I always have Raw Zebras off while Recording, because I find them distracting while recording.

So what is the problem you might ask? Well for me personally I love the ML Focus Peaking and after almost 2 weeks now without the Focus Peaking, I see how difficult I have with Nailing the focus, especially when I need to be quick. ML Focus Peaking Together with Digic Peaking and (7+) Sharpness is divine help for nailing focus. And I am bit at a loss now.

So I am basically just asking someone with Coding skills to take a look in to this, sorry for making a long lifestory out of it, but its the best way for me to recall stuff, I don't have a good memory.

General Help Q&A / CR2 file cropped after importing to Photoshop (Fixed!)
« on: December 14, 2015, 12:01:56 PM »

I've taken some Christmas pictures these last days and I noticed now when I import them in to Photoshop for editing, the images are cropped 16:9 or there about, but in the folder and when looking at the picture in a picture viewer, I see the full 3:2 image.

Adobe Camera Raw says the picture is only18,7 megapixels - 5760x3240

The jpeg's all have the crop when viewing in a picture viewer.

Camera 5D MK III

I am sure this has something to do with Metadata in the CR2 telling it to crop it like that, I also see the entire 3:2 in camera when viewing the pictures, but those two annoying overlay Blue Framing Lines go across the image, which I assume have something to do with this crop..  Always had the blue lines across when viewing in camera, since ML was installed. I don't know how to remove them.

I think I was taking pictures in movie mode because I had a Manual focus lens and needed edge image for accurate focus.

I haven't noticed before if my previous pictures have been cropped like this in photoshop.

I tried scaling up and down and all in Photoshop, but the remaining top and bottom 3.3 Megapixels don't exist to photoshop.

Please help me with this, these pictures are for Christmas cards that are supposed to be printed today!

Hardware and Accessories / Tiffen - Ultra Contrast Filters
« on: December 09, 2015, 11:30:50 AM »
Has anyone here any experience with the Tiffen - Ultra Contrast Filters?

There are 5 different filters, They are called Ultra Contrast 1 to 5, 5 being the strongest.

I am interested in using this combined with RAW, I reckon these filters could provide more information in the shadows.

 They supposedly "increase" dynamic range in shadows, though its more the highlights streaking in to the shadows to raise them as of what I understand.

But I can't find any footage or pro reviews, found plenty of footage with h264 footage, but the examples are poor quality. I want to believe these filters can raise the shadows and in some h264 clips I saw, it was very impressive, a shot of a window from inside out, the filter rose the shadows to show clearly the inside frame of the window and the outside stayed exposed correctly, but in so many other examples, it just looks like the shadows are being washed out.. Recording Codec perhaps? bad encoding to vimeo also perhaps? Too strong a filter.. I don't know.

Seems too good to be true.

If you know the filters, please tell me your experience. Looking in to buying one.

Feature Requests / Customize Clear Overlays
« on: October 17, 2015, 08:33:38 PM »

I wanna ask for a feature regarding the Clear Overlays.

When shooting Low Light scenes with lighting placed on certain objects/talents in a scene, it is very distracting with the RAW zebras showing underexposure all over the image, for instance if you wanna make high contrast shadows on someone's face and the Zebras come crawling in all over the face and the background. The Zebras make it very hard to Compose the shot. I use Clear Overlays a lot, but having everything clear of the screen also means the framing disappears and I get a 3:2 framing when I might be shooting 2:20:1 or 16:9. I have the Clear Overlays set to Half Shutter button, but I also notice that when I click Half Shutter that RAW zebras disappear first for about 1 second and the rest of the information remains for another second, for instance the most important part the White Rectangle showing the Actual framing and then ofcourse all other information like ISO, Shutter, fps etc..

So I am wondering if one of the developers here could add a little customization to the Clear Overlays so that one can choose if it should clear everything or Just certain things and in my case just Zebras. It seems to already be removing the Zebras individually before removing the rest, so hopefully it wouldn't require too much work.



Feature Requests / Feature Request: Mic Record Warning
« on: May 25, 2015, 03:25:26 PM »
This is just an initial idea. Improvements are welcome.

I always record with a phantom powered mic that I need to turn on separately. In the heat of the action I occasionally forget to turn it on and don't find out until 1-2 mins in to the take or throughout an entire take.. User error, I know. But I think it could be very helpful if there was a warning that popped up, just a simple text saying "Mic recording ON?" or something of the sorts, no beep ofcourse.. The warning could be activated in a sub menu of VSound. So that people who don't bother with this don't have to see the warning.

I'm just thinking how the warning could be triggered without disturbing during silent scenes.. Perhaps it could be a warning that pops up when audio levels stay at -40 db after X amount of seconds after recording has started, maybe 10 or 15 seconds? Just an idea to how the warning could be triggered..

Could also be a general warning for audio levels when they are too low. like -32 to -40 db.

General Chat / Nikon - Raw Video
« on: May 02, 2015, 11:36:10 PM »
Didn't see anyone else post about this.

Seems Raw is coming for Nikon too! according to Redsharknews its on a highly experimental state.. More or less in an infancy state.

Guess our beloved ML cameras were too at one point.:

the NikonHacker Thread on their forums:

General Chat / 4K the lens or Photo the lens?
« on: April 12, 2015, 11:49:13 AM »
In this video Canon is talking about the 4K lens and how much better they are than "normal" lenses.

Take the Canon L series, those are designed for photo and those resolutions are as high as 6k and the images are gorgeous and sharp. Ofcourse they are for photo, so clicked aperture and focus pulling might not be perfect.

Is this a marketing stunt to sell to the ever thirsty gear hunter or is there anything real behind this?

What are your thoughts? Will you switch out all your lenses for 4K ones.

and last.. Isn't glass just glass, no matter if its 4K or HD.

Feature Requests / [DONE] Can you bring back accurate shutter speed info
« on: February 19, 2015, 03:28:16 PM »

Many builds ago, the shutter speed was accurately shown in the bottom bar. If I set the shutter speed to 1/48 then I would see that number while shooting. If I recall correctly it was also shown in the ML menu where the shutter speed is. Now I only see the shutter speed of the standard canon shutter, so I set it to 1/50 to then go in to image tuning to set it to 1/48 to match my framerate, but bottom bar still shows 1/50.. It has confused me many times, because I have been shooting a lot onboard a ship factory where the lights are very sensitive to being precisely 1/50 because of pal land and unstable generators. Going updeck, the outdoors shots I've done I put back to 1/48th (still seeing 1/50th) and then going back to the factory I have seen 1/50th and continued shooting.. That lead to terrible Rolling lights. Which I only noticed when working on the footage in post and in the metadata I could see the shutter was 1/48th.

I unfortunately do not remember what build it was last working on, but it is quite some time ago.. maybe 7-9 months ago, maybe older. I didn't mention anything right away as there were so many builds coming out at that time that I figured it would come back eventually and I did not think it was that big a problem, but now I have learned it the hard way of what inaccurate information can do.

It is not the biggest issue in the world, but this was working before and I think it would be very nice with accurate information when shooting to avoid further confusions.

ps. I tried taking a screenshot to then draw a red circle around the specific area where the shutter speed is, in case there was a misunderstanding to what I meant exactly, but I could not get it to work. But I am pretty sure you know where I mean, if not, ask.

So I ordered a new LAPTOP! yes, a laptop for RAW video editing.

32 gb ram
Nvidia 980m 4gb
2x SSD 1 TB RAID 0

Been doing a lot of reading regarding RAID 0 on SSD's and its benefits. Mostly found forums surrounding Benchmarks and overclocking. Mostly all I find is kids raging about single drives and "real world usage" and vice versa.. A lot of bad reading.

But got the information that RAID 0 is not quite as good at random reads (normal computer usage) but greatly increases performances on large files (MLV), what I need.

But then I read a post here and there about placing softwares that work together on different drives and thereby splitting the load and increasing performance. I didn't wanna register and ask in 1-2 year old threads on OC forums, most of them 10-20 pages long, So didn't get a clear answer on how exactly this would work best and which programs they meant.

Does anyone here have experience with RAID 0, preferrably on SSDs. I am thinking if I install Premiere Pro on one of the drives and put AE and Speedgrade on the other, would it increase performance?

I have had RAID 0 on normal HDDs in the past, experienced a lot of problems with drive failures back then, but as I know SSDs are incredibly reliable today, I feel safe about it and I am hungry for more power ;)

Any input regarding RAID 0 and personal experiences is more than welcome.

Hardware and Accessories / Walimex Rigs
« on: January 12, 2015, 02:14:56 PM »
I've been looking for a rig for quite some time, but I always find them to be ridiculously expensive.. Like 2x MK III expensive and I simply don't wanna spend that kind of cheddar on a rig.

I am in Wien these days and walked me past a store window selling video gear, saw a Walimex Directors rig for about 900 euro and a Walimex Rig Set Basic 1 for 499 Euro, found exactly same price on the internet and will probably save money if I buy it in the store because of no delivery.. I really like the Rig Set basic 1, it has mattebox, follow focus and its a shoulder mount also and just looks like a smaller version of the Directors one..

But is walimex any good as a rig??

Not much to read about this particular rig, only find stuff about some other models from walimex, some Modularis or something like that.

If anyone has any experience with Walimex (not the lenses, they are okey) then please chip in.

Rig set basic 1:

Pros and cons.

General Chat / Does the MK III attract Wasps?
« on: October 15, 2014, 03:00:01 AM »
Super weird question I know, but been wondering about this and thought if anyone else experienced the same.

This summer I went on a road trip through a couple of countries in Europe. Especially when I was in Italy, my MK III got a lot of wasp interest... I love the camera too.. but seriously, give it some space.. At times I couldn't shoot anything cause I'd have 2-3 wasps walking all over the camera.. I tried cleaning the camera, maybe some fat from my fingers had stuck to the camera, but it didn't make any difference.. Seemed like everytime I pulled the camera out, wasps would start flying around the camera and then land on it and walk around it..

Anyone else tried this? Is it the colour of the camera? Electrical brain wave signals? Maybe just some smell stuck to it?

Had Canon 24-70 mm 2.8 on most of the time and Røde Video Mic.

Thought I'd ask as I am looking at footage from summer and remembering places where my camera was wasped.


 I tried searching for this on the forum but could not find anything. I thought I would find something cause so many people have experienced skipped frames and I am wondering if there is any easy way of making AE skip the skipped frames in a composition?

Got a lot of shots with skipped frames even though skip frames was set to OFF as always.

Thank you.

Thought I'd share this.

Turns this cheapo lens in to a beast of a macro lens.

And shots from the same guy:

Now imagine using this lens with 3x Crop

General Chat / Dynamic Range of the 5D
« on: July 24, 2014, 05:27:37 PM »
So I've doing some thinking and reading.

5D mk iii has a dynamic range of 11.8. (This is h264 i believe).
 I know Alex is working on some sub 200 iso's where the dynamic range on the mk ii and iii is increased with some decimals. I believe I read that the mk ii has more dynamic range than the mk iii at these 90 iso's or something. Think the mk ii hit 12.4 and mk iii, 12.1. Dont quote me on these numbers, read it somewhere deep in a developers thread.

This aint the pooint about this thread either, just mentioning them.

When I record Raw on my mk iii and ettr and I pull down the highlights, add cineon convert and all the tricks of the trade to pull as much information out of the highlights as possible and raise detail in shadows. Am I still only within those 11.8 of dynamic range?

Is post work on raw files included in these DR tests?


I've exported from PP before and I don't know if I missed something but now all my footage comes out with this pixelated Lines or combination of aliasing

The source files in Premiere Pro are DNxHD - 1920x1080 - 23.976 exported from AE and they are super sharp, no pixelation or aliasing, but when I export to h264 the quality dramatically drops, I have no idea why, I am very sure that I am doing exactly what I've always done when exporting h264 from Premiere.

Export settings:

Square Pixels 1.0
Profile: High
Target mb/s 100 and max 100 - VBR 2 pass
also tried CBR with same effect.

I am out sailing and only have a slow laptop so it's too hard for the computer to dynamic link. Usually just leads to a crash

Any ideas what might be wrong?

If need I can try and upload screenshots, but might take awhile as my connection is at 5-10 kb/s

Thank you.

Hardware and Accessories / Defragmenting ExFat ?
« on: June 05, 2014, 05:45:19 PM »
I recently upgraded from 5D MK II to MK III.

So now I'm in Exfat world.. On MK II where I was running my cards with Fat32 I regularly defragmented my cards because after filling a card with RAW footage and exporting to computer the fragmentation would be around 50% sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

But as I understand by googling a little, Exfat can not be defragmented. Is this because Exfat does not get fragmented ? or its simply not possible?

I find it hard to believe that it does not get fragmented when it is so severe in FAT32. So I am worried that I am running around with slower than need to be cards because of fragmentation.

Anyone know something more about this and how to defragment Exfat? (if need be)

Thank you.

(Maybe this is in the wrong section, but it's to do with RAW recording)

Feature Requests / Digic Peaking - Edge Image Toggle Button
« on: March 28, 2014, 06:08:47 PM »
I have a feature request or modification.

In ML menu, Digic Peaking, You can scroll from Slightly sharper to Edge Image, Slightly sharper is awesome, but still at times I am in doubt and that's when Edge Image is perfect. Is it possible that AF ON button or Zoom Out or half shutter press (or any other) could be used for quick toggling ON and OFF for Edge image? It would help a lot as a safety margin when setting focus and it would be nice if there was a quicker way to activate Edge image without going in to ML menu and scroll.

Or maybe users could choose under the Digic peaking, if they want to activate a/the shortcut button for Edge Image.

Think this would be great for all cameras.

I am on 5D MK II and on this camera it does not seem to be a problem using one of those buttons for this as they all have the same feature in RAW. Giving colour preview when ML Preview is ON. I don't know about the buttons on the other models though.

Hardware and Accessories / Searching for Water Tight Housing for 5D MK II
« on: January 10, 2014, 03:15:42 PM »

I am looking for a water proof housing for my 5DR MK II.

Now I have done many searches and found a lot of water proof housings, but pretty much all of them cater to the diver or they cannot be totally submerged.

I will be leaving soon on a trawler and will be doing a lot of filming onboard, have been doing so before, but there is so much that I cannot shoot because of the waves breaking in and sea water in the air, basically when the Sea is at its finest! There are huge waves at times that break in and flood the entire deck, so the housing must be 100% water tight.

I am looking for a housing that is manageable to work with above sea level. If you know of such housing, even though it might be catered for divers, but if its good to work with above sea, then please tell me its name.

Some are lens specific and that will not be an issue as I think I will be able to meet those demands.

Thank you!


EDIT: Wanna add that this is for Video shooting, not Photos.

Hi, I tried searching for this question in the forums, but did not find anything. If there already is a thread, please refer me to it.


 When importing DNG's directly in to After Effects, Adobe Camera RAW opens with the first frame only (no prob there).

But I'm wondering because, if I were to open Bridge and import DNG's in to After Effects. ACR gives me the possibility to choose between 8 bit and 16 bit, it's standard 8 bit. I choose 16 bit ofcourse, because I can't stand the thought of losing quality before even touching the DNG

So my question is, when I import DNG's directly in to After Effects and I don't get the possibility to choose between 8 bit and 16 bit, does ACR import it as 14 Bit or 8 bit or 16 bit?

Just to clarify, its ML 14 bit RAW DNG's I'm talking about.

 Thank you.

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