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Camera-specific Development / Porting ML to XSi (450D)
September 06, 2013, 06:07:43 AM
ML has been ported to 5D and 40D but there seems to be lack of activity for XSi, which I believed Canon should have sold quite a lot. Yep, you are right, I have one. But I am looking at this porting thing not as an ML user but as an ML developer. For the past couple of weeks I have roamed this website and CHDK in an effort to understand what this "hacking" business is all about and to size up the development work. Well, it is big, at least to me. As someone who doesn't do video, I am wondering if it is worth the effort for me to jump in. From the information I came across it seems that firmware dump, v1.0.9 has been available ( but a later thread asking for help to dump the same firmware ( while using the same file I/O function pointers. Intrigued by this and as an IDA learning exercise (new tool to me), I set out to find what is going on. Well, I found the correct pointer values for those file I/O functions in Canon's flasher code and they are the same for both v1.0.9 and v1.1.0. Hmm, I wonder how one could get the firmware from apparently wrong function pointers. No, I have not dumped anything yet (need to set up the build environment in Ubuntu first, not to mention the build scripts) but I am sure mine are correct because I have cross-checked with those known working pointers in 40D firmware dump code in this thread ( to make sure they executes the same flasher file I/O code and they do. As a matter of fact, XS (1000D) has the exact same flasher file I/O code. They are just in different places (pointer values). I have not decided whether to continue further and certainly will not in the next two/three months but if anyone is interested in porting, I have no problem published the correct pointer values. Just want to get this porting thing move forward, albeit tortoise-wise. :)

- Rick