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Camera Emergency Department / 5DMK2 Semi-Brick?
« on: June 07, 2017, 02:40:41 AM »
So I installed ML on a backup body 5D2 and the installation went fine for about a week or two. Jump forward to recently and I get a text from one of my partners that the 5D2 wouldn't turn on.

I retrieve the cam and take out the card and the cam boots up, but it no longer takes photos/videos. Mechanically, the camera seems completely fine. Turns on, lights work, screen works, but video/photos are completely blacked out as if the body cap is on. Tested all manual cam settings in camera and via ML, changed shoot modes (Av/Tv), changed cards (both with and without ML), changed lens (and of course took off the lens cap), reformatted card, uninstalled/re-installed ML, pretty much everything I could think of.

The most I'm getting is a totally black image with the rare horizontal pink line or two of garbage data.

Any thoughts?

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