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I don't think this has anything to do with Magic Lantern being on installed but I reckon you guys are experts enough to read the log correctly. This is one of the logs, I haven't checked all of them and can post more if needed.

I think this is probably the problem :
Code: [Select]
1327: 2603.984 [CAPD] ERROR [LV] Image Power Failure
The error happened after the camera spent a whole night and the next morning in its bag in the trunk of a car under a hard sun. I picked it up after noon and problem appeared right then.

I have tried to remove and boot without card, change batteries, clear C.Fn, clear all settings and nothing works. I don't know if there are any software related thing I can try. I would just like to know EXACTLY the nature of the problem to know if I should repair it or move on to another camera.

Thanks guys.

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